Megan Olson’s Twitter, Facebook Deleted After Rant: ‘I Would Kill As Many Mexicans As I Could’

A waitress named Megan Olson found herself in hot water after going on a racist tirade that threatened Mexicans after Megan received a bad tip. Olson was a waitress working at a Texas Roadhouse in Greeley, Colorado — that is, until her bosses got wind of the Twitter rant that Megan published, according to the Daily Mail.

Megan’s Twitter account went pretty much unnoticed until Olson tweeted about having a “real-life purge,” which is a statement based on the movie franchise, The Purge. The series of horror movies — including The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, and The Purge: Election Year — features folks going crazy and being allowed to kill others on one special designated night.

megan olson [Photo by iStockPhoto]Well, Olson used the purge theme to write about taking the opportunity to “killing as many Mexicans” as Megan could in one night during her imagined real-life purge. Her Twitter hashtag expressed the fact that Olson wanted someone to “learn how to tip you f****** t***,” as seen in photos of those who captured the racist tweet prior to it being deleted.

Before long, other Twitter users made the Texas Roadhouse restaurant’s Twitter account aware of Megan’s rant. Olson was fired after her tweet about killing Mexicans went viral. The “Megatron” Twitter account, which was previously found under the @MeganCJOlson Twitter handle, can be seen in the following screenshot.


The current Google cache of the deleted Twitter account shows that it was briefly changed to the name “Global Unity” with the @MeganCjOlson handle also showing in her description as of July 24, at 19:10:40 GMT, when Google reports the page was last crawled.

At that point, the visible tweets on Megan’s Twitter page showed how Olson was reacting to the backlash of her tweet threatening Mexicans.

“The power to speak your mind. promote in every essence of the word because is

Unturn a stone. it may reveal the glories of our Earth

I love the fact that animals seem oblivious to color…

Yes, I said it. . Deal with it…

Here’s a . fuel your frustrations by doing something Positive in your Community. Like today. Like right f****** NOW.

Come find me and I will give you a hug. kick me, punch me, push me down I will get back up and give you a hug…

The anger in your will never ever ever ever ever ever outweigh

Death threats show deep passion. Where is that passion to end poverty, homelessness, hunger??? make a Positive f****** difference

True reflection of a movie only parts ways when you come to realization

Overwhelming Comments… Go Out & Help UR Neighbor. Go Out & Help UR Local Animal Shelter. Make a F****** Difference

Happy or Mad Embrace the Time to Help your Neighbors Today

propagate the reduction of racial tension

Megan’s managers at Texas Roadhouse called the tweet disgusting. Travis Doster, the spokesperson for Texas Roadhouse, said that Olson’s offensive and discriminatory tweet had no place at their eatery. Doster reported that after the Texas Roadhouse manager heard about the tweet from Olson he immediately stopped mowing his lawn, went to the restaurant, met with Megan and fired Olson.

Texas Roadhouse won praise for terminating Olson.


Whereas it seems as though Texas Roadhouse eateries might only be located in Texas — they are actually found in 49 states, with more than 400 locations around the country. Olson worked at the Texas Roadhouse in Greeley, Colorado. Megan issued a mea culpa for the Twitter tweet on her now-deleted Facebook page.

Olson called her own words “hurtful, inconsiderate, insensitive and careless.” Megan said there was no excuse for her words.

megan olson [Image via iStockPhoto][Image via iStockPhoto]