Microsoft RAISING price of Xbox 360 in UK (and including less content)

Remember how Activision recently announced plans to raise the price of Modern Warfare 2 in the UK? Well, it looks like Microsoft is following suit.

Retailers have confirmed to Eurogamer that the price of an Xbox 360 Arcade bundle will rise from £129.99 to £159.99 from September 1st. The five Xbox Live Arcade games that usually come free with the machine will also be chopped, for no good reason at all. Apparently, the price hike is being put in place to “counteract the poor pound-to-Euro currency exchange rate.”

Dropping games (that cost Microsoft absolutely nothing to include, aside from a few lost sales of poor-selling titles) is absolutely crappy. Using the economy as an excuse is also pretty rubbish; when the pound does recover, will we see Microsoft bring the price back down? (Clue: NO.)

But you know what really gets me about this? Since January, the pound has damn well strengthened against the Euro. I call bullshit. Unfathomably huge piles of bullshit.

[Via Eurogamer]