‘Supernatural’ Season 12: Where’s Mark Pellegrino?

With Supernatural Season 12 giving Lucifer a new face, some fans want to know why. They have a burning question: where’s Mark Pellegrino?

San Diego Comic Con goers found out that Supernatural is recasting the role of Lucifer, as reported by The Inquisitr. Rick Springfield will take on the role for the first couple of episodes, but it sounds like it won’t be permanent. Lucifer wants some fun now that he is out of the cage and has had his one-on-one time with his dad God (a.k.a. Chuck).

What exactly does that mean for the man who has played Lucifer on and off for the last six years? In short, it means that Pellegrino’s character Nick is no longer Lucifer’s vessel.

Fans will remember that Pellegrino made Lucifer his own back in Supernatural Season 5, when his character was introduced. However, he was never the true vessel, and eventually Lucifer took over Sam. Pellegrino’s character was technically gone, presumed dead, but the writers needed some way to show that Lucifer was tormenting Sam in Season 7. What better way than to bring in the man who had already tormented the Winchesters for the better part of a year?

Being a figment of Sam’s imagination worked well. It allowed Pellegrino to explore Lucifer’s fun and crazy side, as he made Sam struggle even more with his grip on reality. There was no question over how Lucifer could still be around after his death, since he was just the figment that Sam was seeing; the vessel Sam had gotten to know throughout Supernatural Season 5.

Then came Supernatural Season 11, and the journey back into the cage. The writers needed someone to play Lucifer trapped in that cage. Despite Sam being the one to take Lucifer down there, it made sense to bring Pellegrino back. This was just a form in the depths of hell, and couldn’t be brought back to Earth. More importantly, it was a form the fans knew and loved.

The only way to get Lucifer back on Earth was for him to take over another vessel. That became Castiel, with Misha Collins getting Pellegrino’s mannerisms just perfect for the rest of the Supernatural season.

Once Lucifer left Castiel, he was just like any other arch angel without a vessel. The vessel of Nick was long gone, so it wasn’t like Pellegrino could come back for the role. The only time this will likely happen is if Nick somehow has a twin that wasn’t mentioned at all, or if Lucifer is a figment of someone else’s imagination. However, the actor himself has a few ideas.

Not all fans have been happy with the news that Lucifer will get a new vessel on Supernatural. They took to Twitter to share their disappointment and anger. Fans want #NotMyLucifer trending to show their protest to the decision.

Along with the fans, Pellegrino himself said that he wasn’t angry. He believes that Nick would be somewhere out there, hunting for Lucifer for destroying his vessel. At no point was it confirmed that Nick was dead. He could be somewhere out there dying, or living a life of misery because of the damage Lucifer did while in a vessel not designed to hold him. If he can’t play Lucifer, Pellegrino has said that he’d like to play a hunter and join Sam or Dean, according to International Business Times.

Fans will get to see the first glimpse of the new Lucifer within the early episodes, as Springfield has his fun with the role. Supernatural Season 12 will air on the CW on Thursdays, from October 13 at 9p.m. Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb will co-executive producer the show for the season.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]