Netflix News: When ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Is Coming

American Horror Story: Hotel is about to make its way to Netflix for fans of the FX horror anthology show to binge on. Some of the episodes from Season 5 of the show have some fantastic moments that fans who could not watch during the broadcast season on FX may want to see, especially the debut performance of Lady Gaga in the lead theme role.

What fans of American Horror Story love the most about the show is the changing up of the characters that are portrayed by the standard acting troupe for the show. Some of the American Horror Story: Hotel actors that have been with the show now for quite some time includes Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, and Chloe Sevigny. Paulson, O’Hare, and Peters are the only ones that have been with American Horror Story since the inception of the FX show.

With news recently surfacing that American Horror Story: Hotel will not be released on DVD until October 4, according to Dread Central and confirmed by the Amazon listing, there is good reason to believe that Season 6 of American Horror Story will not in any way tie into Hotel. That’s because Season 6 of AHS will be premiering a good month ahead of the release of American Horror Story: Hotel, thus not giving its fans a chance to catch up on the show before the premiere.

Therein lies the problem for American Horror Story: Hotel in regards to it coming to Netflix. It is standard practice for TV shows not to release their most current season on Netflix until they have had a chance to release on DVD and Blu Ray first, which could help boost some of their sales before the Netflix release. There has also been no news that Netflix and FX have brokered some sort of exclusive deal this year that would bring American Horror Story: Hotel to their streaming platform earlier than the home video release. So that leads us to believe that American Horror Story: Hotel will not be on Netflix before the release of Season 6, nor before the release of the home video.

For those who are unaware, American Horror Story Season 6 has been scheduled to premiere on FX this year on September 14 this year, which is well ahead of its standard season premieres and nearly a month before American Horror Story: Hotel releases on home video. That, of course, is a bad sign for those American Horror Story fans who have been waiting for it to release on Netflix to get caught up on the show before Season 6 and could mean that Netflix will not carry it until near the end of October.

Season 6 of American Horror Story this year has been kept such a secret that the producers seem to have something big in store for their fans. It is rare for them to release the premiere date for the next season, but hold back releasing the season theme. There has also been news that the season has been shortened to 10 episodes, which is about three episodes shy of its normal.

But the 10-episode Season 6 of American Horror Story could also be good news for fans, considering the other news that has been coming down the pipe about the show. Creator Ryan Murphy has given an interview where he would like to make American Horror Story a year-round event, much like The Walking Dead does over on AMC. Murphy said that he would like for American Horror Story Season 6 to feature a fall and spring season, which could mean that the show will have 20 episodes total this year.

[Image via FX]