Jim Bob Duggar Admits Michelle Duggar Used Birth Control -- Duggar Family Called Hypocrites

Tiffany Bailey

Jim Bob Duggar is the patriarch of the entire Duggar clan. He leads the family in the direction he wishes to go, and his wife submits herself to him. Duggar has been married to his wife Michelle for nearly three decades. The two credit their lasting marriage to having great communication and faith. Everything hasn't always been sunshine and roses for the Duggars, especially the last two years. Together they have 19 children and six grandchildren.

Recently, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrated their anniversary. The family isn't big on social media, but they do post on their blog when they have something to share with the world or to praise another member of the family. Duggar took to their family blog to talk about Michelle and their marriage, sharing tips with fans on making it last. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob Duggar admitted that after he married Michelle, they decided to use birth control. The couple wanted to wait a while before starting a family, but taking the pill backfired on them. Duggar ended up getting his wife pregnant, and she had a miscarriage. After weighing their options, they decided to stop taking birth control. Now the couple is raising their 19 children and helping out with their grandchildren.

Jill and Jessa: Counting On is returning for another season soon. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been scarce when it comes to the new show. It appears they are ready to move on with their lives and leave the reality television realm. Their religious beliefs trump money every time, and that is something Jim Bob has been strict about. While many people don't agree with the way things are handled by the Duggar family, it works for them. They have become more open with their struggles and thoughts in recent years, especially after what happened with their eldest son, Josh. The admission made about birth control seems to have been a big talking point because they represent themselves as heavily religious, and the use of contraceptives goes against everything they believe in. While trying to honor his wife, Jim Bob Duggar inadvertently caused more controversy for his family.

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]