ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 9 Brings Heartbreaking Elimination For JoJo Fletcher Along With Juicy Overnight Dates

Monday brings a big episode from ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season that viewers will not want to miss. The last that everybody saw, JoJo Fletcher was facing a heartbreaking rose ceremony after her hometown dates with Jordan Rodgers, Chase McNary, Luke Pell, and Robby Hayes. She has another elimination to make, and the fantasy overnight dates are just ahead. What spoilers are available for the Episode 9 overnights airing on Monday, July 25?

The last that fans saw, Luke had pulled JoJo Fletcher aside to express his love for her just ahead of the elimination at the rose ceremony. She was left feeling quite emotional, and Bachelorette spoilers via ABC indicate that this is where the action picks up again on Monday night. Which of her remaining four men will she eliminate?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Fletcher sends Luke packing, which means that Chase, Jordan, and Robby will head to Thailand for the overnights. An earlier roundup of the gossip guru’s spoilers had Chase eliminated at this point, with Luke heading to Thailand, but the spoiler king flipped the elimination order around some time ago.

In Thailand, Bachelorette spoilers detail that Fletcher will take her first date through a floating market, where the two will taste various seafood dishes and embrace the culture of the area. They encounter a rainstorm and share some kisses, but Fletcher will face some difficult moments as she flashes back to her heartbreak with Ben Higgins. She will get a unique memento from her suitor on this date, and she will offer him the card to join her in the fantasy suite overnight.

The second date of Episode 9 takes JoJo on a hike through the parks and mountains with one of her remaining men, and they will encounter a temple and cave where they talk about their relationship. Bachelorette spoilers tease that they will not be allowed to be affectionate with one another inside the cave, and it sounds as if this will be a bit of a challenge for them.

Later on in the date, he will answer some questions in a way that concerns Fletcher, and while he tries to convince her of his sincerity, she experiences some doubts. Despite that, Bachelorette spoilers detail that these two do spend additional time with one another in the fantasy suite for the overnight portion of the outing.

Fletcher supposedly starts to realize at this point that she has fallen in love with two of her final three men, a position that leaves her feeling quite conflicted given what she experienced with Ben. Her final outing of the overnights is with Chase, which would certainly indicate that Robby and Jordan are the two men she thinks she loves. This one involves a boat ride and hidden beach, and Bachelorette spoilers indicate that she will realize that she has strong feelings for this third bachelor as well. However, there is a shocker ahead regarding the fantasy suite on this date.

Per Reality Steve, JoJo will invite Chase to the fantasy suite, but things take a turn when she ends up eliminating him there. McNary reportedly will be quite taken aback to get the invite for this coveted alone time that is so cherished during the overnights and then end up eliminated, and spoilers share that things will get pretty intense at this point. Fletcher will still hold a rose ceremony, despite reportedly being down to just Robby and Jordan, but the buzz is that Chase shows up to confront her over his shocking elimination.


Chase doesn’t manage to shake things up and end up in the final two after showing up unannounced, but it seems that he will seek and receive some closure about how things played out during his last outing with Fletcher. This leaves Robby and Jordan as JoJo’s final two, and that last rose ceremony is right around the corner. Viewers will get the “Men Tell All” special airing on Tuesday night, and then the big ending with the “After the Final Rose” update special airs next week.

Does JoJo Fletcher find love with her final rose pick this season? Will Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Luke Pell and Chase McNary’s eliminations be right and are Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes the final two this spring? ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season continues with Episode 9 airing on Monday night, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Image via JoJo Fletcher’s Instagram]