‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Fallout From Veto Ceremony, Drama Consumes ‘BB18’ House Again [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers coming from the live feeds reveal some fallout after the Veto ceremony took place on Monday, July 25. The BB18 house has been dramatic all through the night, with only a few of the houseguests actually getting much sleep. While this has been an exciting 24 hours for viewers of the feeds, it also foreshadows nearly an entire day of napping coming very soon. There was still some time for a little drama between former alliance members before the afternoon heat hit California.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a big fight between Bridgette Dunning and Michelle Meyer right before the Veto ceremony on Monday. Then the Veto ceremony took place, which presented some more potential Big Brother 18 spoilers for CBS viewers. Michelle had won the Veto competition on Saturday, July 23, and then she decided not to use the Power of Veto on Monday. Immediately following the Veto ceremony, a report from fan site Joker’s Updates stated that Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling were seen discussing Nicole Franzel on the live feeds.

James and Da’Vonne are now convinced that Nicole and Corey Brooks were working with Frank Eudy this season. They become very worried that Nicole and Corey have to be evicted before it becomes too late. This tracks back to the Head of Household competition, where Frank told Da’Vonne that he had been informed by Nicole that Da’Vonne was going to target him for eviction. Da’Vonne did indeed discuss that with Nicole, but it was supposed to remain under wraps. Instead, Frank learned of the plans and got pretty angry about being lied to again.

James is going to have to be very careful moving forward because he lied to both Frank and Bridgette this week. He first told Bridgette that he wouldn’t nominate her if she quit the HOH competition, and then he assured Frank that he wasn’t going to nominate him mere hours before the nomination ceremony. Why did James feel it was necessary to lie to Frank when the entire BB18 house was already planning to vote him out? His fate was sealed, so by James lying to Frank, it simply raised the potential for backlash if Frank had been able to find safety at the Veto ceremony.

There are also some intriguing Big Brother 18 spoilers about what the long-term plans are inside the house. James Huling, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Paul Abrahamian planned out how the nominations might work next week. Their hope is that Bridgette Dunning and Victor Arroyo are the two nominees for eviction. The main target will be Bridgette, with the fall-back option slated to be Victor if Bridgette is saved during the Veto ceremony. It’s only the plan of three houseguests so far, but this trio does have a lot of pull in the BB18 house.

The next episode of the show is going to air on Wednesday night (July 27), when CBS viewers find out how the Veto competition and Veto ceremony turned out. To summarize those BB18 house spoilers, Michelle Meyer won the Veto and then decided not to use it. It means that Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning are up for eviction on the Thursday night episode (July 28). There is the potential for more Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out before the eviction ceremony, but it seems pretty set in stone that Frank is going to get voted out unanimously.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]