Taylor Swift: Taylorgate Update Featuring Fergie And Jennifer Lopez

Taylor Swift gets an unexpected ally in Fergie, who thinks Taylorgate is a conspiracy hatched by Kimye — well, almost. Except that Fergie actually thinks “that the trio could all be duping us.”

Fergie tells The Sun the following.

“Knowing them it’s probably a big master plan. They’ll probably all come together at the MTV Awards or something.”

Getting this from the “M.I.L.F. $” singer makes her opinion kind of hard to swallow. Fergie happens to be best friends with Kim Kardashian West. So it’s only natural to expect that she will side with Kim. But instead, she casts doubt on Kim, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift altogether.

On the other hand, Fergie could be a free-thinker who is unaffected by alliances. If so, she could be one of the most objective-minded celebrities in Hollywood. The source seems to think that Fergie might have inside information, but does not clearly specify if that is from both camps.

Fergie also throws in a compliment for her best friend, saying “You gotta respect her sticking up for her husband.”

The Sun proceeds to address rumors that Taylor Swift is getting “preferential treatment from Twitter and Instagram by having negative comments removed and nasty hashtags stopped from trending.”

As it turns out, however, Twitter determines trending topics by means of how fast the tweets are coming in, instead of by means of topic popularity. Supposedly, this will explain the case of the missing hashtag, namely, #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty. In Taylorgate, husband-and-wife team Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pulled a “hat trick” on Taylor Swift through a damaging phone recording proving that Swift was indeed in the know with regard to the details of the now infamous “Famous” song/rap combo of Kanye.

Swift would later defend herself by tweeting that Kanye left out a line in the leaked phone conversation that the song at a certain point would actually call her out as a b***h.

An Instagram representative, according to the source, explains that the social networking medium is constantly improving its comments section by eliminating statements that are negative. In so doing, Instagram hopes to provide a more positive experience for all users.

Explanations provided by both Twitter and Instagram — thanks to sources like The Sun— certainly clarify a lot of things with regard to how posts are handled by the two popular social networking sites.

If Fergie puts both the Taylor Swift and Kimye parties on the hook for this year’s biggest celebrity feud, Jennifer Lopez washes her hands entirely like the biblical Pontius Pilate.


Lopez was asked about whose side she’s on during her birthday party, Taylor Swift or Kimye, and the “ageless beauty” would retort to People that she is not taking sides and that she just wanted to enjoy the party. She had invited the Kardashians to her Las Vegas show and the party after that. And it looks like everybody had a rollicking good time.

Jennifer’s Las Vegas show, dubbed Jennifer Lopez: ALL OF ME, is her first headlining residency stint at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The show runs all summer. And speaking of summer, “Summer” singer and dance artist Calvin Harris was also at the festivities to wish J. Lo a happy birthday. And you know what? The two are going to have a musical collaboration soon — definitely something to look forward to considering the fantastic talents of the two musicians.


Calvin’s collaboration with his two ex-girlfriends, first with Rita Ora, and most recently, with Taylor Swift — didn’t turn out right. Not necessarily output-wise, but relationship-wise according to The Sun. With no relationship this time, except perhaps for newfound friendship between Calvin and J. Lo, who knows, it just might work out beautifully.

It might be the best thing to do for Harris to break out of a seemingly vicious cycle when it comes to music collaboration. Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s the collaborator. Only experience will tell.


[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]