Ozzy Osbourne Says He’s Not Really Happy Being Sober

Ozzy Osbourne has battled drug and alcohol addiction for decades, but he has finally been sober for a long stretch of time. Still, that doesn’t mean the Black Sabbath frontman is happy with his drug and alcohol-free life. In an interview with Goldmine, Ozzy Osbourne admitted that living a sober life is challenging in more ways than one.

“I am coming up on three years sober, and I’ve just come back from a meeting, actually. I’ve reached a really weird place with it. I am not really happy being sober, but I don’t want to get drunk. Someone told me that at three years sober they felt exactly the same.”

While Ozzy’s drug and alcohol wreaked havoc on his career and personal life, the rock legend says he still has no regrets because it was his “destiny.” Osbourne also says he is lucky that he saw the errors of his ways and wanted to do something about it before it was too late.


Ozzy revealed that the first thing he quit was tobacco. While he was in Cuba recently with his son Jack (to shoot their new History Channel reality show Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour) and was unable to attend sobriety meetings for a while, he was tempted to smoke a cigar at a restaurant, but then he realized one thing would lead to another.

“We go into this private room and there are these bottles of f**king rum everywhere,” Ozzy said. “I thought to myself, ‘It wouldn’t be that bad.’ Then I go to myself, ‘F**k off. You’d start with the puff of a cigar and then I know I would have a shot of booze.’ I said to my son, ‘I have to leave here.'”


Osbourne said since he returned from Cuba, he has gone to AA meetings every day because he’s afraid of relapsing. Ozzy also said when he’s left to his own ways, sometimes he comes up with stupid ideas that make sense to him at the time, and he has to snap himself out of it.

“I’ve said the wrong things and I’ve done the wrong things, but I’m human,” Ozzy said. “These days I just try not to make the same mistake twice.”

While Ozzy says he questions what is wrong with him sometimes, he says it was much worse when he used to think a good night was “getting a belly full of booze and bag of cocaine.” Osbourne said nothing is worse than sitting in a hotel room “jacked to the gills and the sun is rising and you’ve got to do a gig that day.”

“It’s f**king dreadful,” Ozzy said. ” I’ve got no desire to do that stuff.”


While Black Sabbath is embarking on their final tour, “The End,” Osbourne says he already knows how things will end for the band when they play their final show.

“We will have a grin on our face,” Ozzy said. “We will probably shake hands and have a cup of tea. None of us drink anymore. None of us do drugs.”

Ozzy Osbourne has also been vocal about his addiction. Spin magazine posted excerpts of Osbourne’s 2012 interview with In the Studio with Redbeard, in which the rocker said he’s not a bad person just because he’s an addict. Instead, Ozzy described himself as “a sick person getting well.”

“I have accepted I have a problem with drugs and alcohol,” Ozzy said. “That’s a big stepping stone, you know. I’m very lucky that I’m still alive and I’m also very lucky I can still put two words together.”


Ozzy also said he put a warning out to his fans via one of his songs decades ago, although the meaning of the song was misconstrued. Osbourne said his 1980 Blizzard of Ozz track “Suicide Solution,” which was once part of a lawsuit after a teen killed himself while listening to the song, was not a call for people to end their lives. Instead, it was supposed to be a wake-up call.

“‘Suicide Solution’ wasn’t a song for people to kill themselves to,” Osbourne explained. “It was my warning about the dangers of alcohol then when I was going through my period of, ‘Hey, this ain’t so cool to get stoned and wrecked all the time. It ain’t so cool when you waking up shaking fearsome and wondering when your next drink’s going to come…. If anyone is out there and they have this problem, go find help because it’s free.”

Take a look at the video below to see Ozzy Osbourne talking about his sobriety.

[Photo by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]