Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Were All Her Fault, Says Donald Trump

Kate Middleton’s topless photos were taken without her permission but were the product of her own ignorance, at least that’s the message being delivered by Donald Trump.

Trump on Monday sent out the following tweet:

“Kate Middleton is great–but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude–only herself to blame” and “Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!”

While Donald Trump was correct in his assessment that Middleton was outside sunbathing without a top on, he fails to mention in his tweets that a photographer used a long-lens camera to capture her from more than half-mile away.

The Kate Middleton topless photos were taken from a private resident she was sharing with husband Prince William.

Donald Trump is no stranger to attacking random people for the purpose of gaining press coverage. Typically, the billionaires attacks, however, are directed towards people who actually deserve the criticism … or Rosie O’Donnell.

Attacking a British royal during a presidential election cycle probably isn’t the best idea; while he may not be running for President, Donald Trump has been supporting Mitt Romney, and, with Romney’s support already horrendous following his London Olympics comments, the Donald’s comments could bite the GOP in the butt.

Do you think Kate Middleton was ultimately responsible for the naked photos that were taken of her breasts, or was her privacy grossly violated thanks to the use of a long-distance lens?