Gangnam Style Hitler Video Goes Viral [Video]

A Gangnam Style Hitler video that features a mash-up of the already internet-friendly movie Downfall is spreading quickly across the internet, the latest in a growing line of videos dedicated to South Korean rapper Psy’s mega hit.

Unlike most of the other parodies, Gangnam Style Hitler is more than just a collection of people dancing along to Psy’s signature moves. The video actually cuts Hitler’s dialogue in Downfall right into the song so that it actually sounds pretty accurate (although someone fluent in German might want to update us on what he’s actually saying in the song).

The video was a hit on Reddit, but some commenters noted that they’re already weary of the seemingly endless Gangnam Style parodies.

The fact that the latest one intersects with Downfall, the source of countless other videos, was not lost on one Reddit commenter.

“I still enjoyed this thing very much,” wrote one Redditor. “This also indicates that Gangnam has went through all viral video stages by now and should die a short and sudden death in the next few days. The question is if the host has infected other specimen during its incubation time so that it will replicate itself into later viral phenomena or memes.”

Psy himself is still riding the song’s wave of popularity. He’s been making the rounds in New York City this last week, first with an appearance on Today that got the show’s hosts dancing and then later with a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.