Is Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift’s Friendship Falling Apart? What’s Really Going On

Is Selena Gomez’s friendship with Taylor Swift on the rocks? According to new reports, the singer is turning against Taylor Swift’s alleged mean girl ways.

As you already know by now, this week’s cover of In Touch magazine features Taylor Swift on the cover with the headline “Liar!” The outlet reveals friends and exes who are fed up with Swift’s alleged history of lying. One of those friends is her longtime pal Selena Gomez, who thinks the pop star should finally have all of her secrets “exposed.”

“Some in her squad are talking about how relieved they are that the real Taylor is being exposed,” an alleged insider told the tabloid.

But, the good folks over at Gossip Cop have debunked the story. Selena Gomez has since publicly defended her friend on Twitter and made a fool of herself doing so. However, In Touch claims that Gomez’s friendship with Swift has been up-and-down, much like her relationship with Justin Bieber. In private, Gomez has discovered some unkind things that Swift has said about her and her dating life. She’s hoping to work out those issues with her best friend.

According to Gossip Cop, In Touch is the one that should be declared as a liar. A source close to Selena said that the tabloid story is not true. Keep in mind that In Touch has run a “drug overdose” cover story about Selena last year. The magazine has also reported that Taylor and Selena were planning to do a remake of Laverne & Shirley and that Taylor and her former boyfriend, Calvin Harris, were planning to have “two weddings.”

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are not feuding at all. Shortly after Gomez defended Swift on Twitter, the singer-songwriter revealed on Instagram that she “can’t imagine” her life without her.

According to a report via NZCity, Selena didn’t want gifts on her birthday. Instead, she asked her fans to help celebrate by donating to Lupus Research, which will help find a cure for Lupus disease. Selena previously revealed her struggle with the autoimmune disorder in her October 2015 cover story with Billboard.

“I was diagnosed with [autoimmune disease] lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke. I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy. You’re a**holes.’ But I was angry I even felt the need to say that. It’s awful walking into a restaurant and having the whole room look at you, knowing what they’re saying. I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.”

She also has been outspoken when it comes her friendship with Taylor Swift. In past interviews, she revealed that her fellow pop star is one of her closest friends.

“I can count on one hand the people I could call and who would be there for me. Taylor is one of the greatest people. When I split with my first boyfriend and I was really sad about it, she flew into town with homemade cookies and a bunch of junk food. To this day, if I called her, she would do the same thing, despite being one of the busiest people in the world.”

It looks like the pair’s friendship is getting stronger amid Taylor Swift’s phone call controversy with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. On Snapchat, Kim leaked the footage of Taylor approving the lyrics of Kanye’s controversial track “Famous,” which includes the infamous line, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b**** famous.”

Swift has since responded to the accusations on social media, claiming she never heard the song in full and that she never approved of the “that b****” line. Swift and Gomez do not appear to be on the outs. However, it’s not the first time that the pals have been rumored to have trouble with their friendship. Previous rumors swirled that Gomez’s on-again-off-again relationship with the Biebs put a dent in her relationship with Swift.

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