WWE News: WWE Using Brock Lesnar Failed UFC Drug Test In Storyline

While WWE Battleground was a very entertaining WWE event last night, there was one segment that just didn’t seem to connect well with the crowd. Chris Jericho had a highlight reel episode, and his guest was the returning Randy Orton. In the segment, Orton came out as a baby face, a role he has never been good at, and he attempted to crack jokes and make nice with the crowd. None of it worked until he actually made a very controversial crack about Brock Lesnar, his opponent at SummerSlam next month.

411mania reported that Randy Orton said that it takes about 20 suplexes to reach Suplex City from Brock Lesnar. However, it just takes on RKO to end a match, no enhancement needed. Of course, Brock Lesnar failed a pair of drug tests when he competed at UFC 200 this month and has been all over the news thanks to the drug allegations.

Brock Lesnar has a lot to answer for, although Lesnar really never answers for anything. He called Roman Reigns unprofessional when Reigns failed his drug test and was suspended by the WWE for 30 days. He also called Jon Jones unprofessional when Jones failed his drug test and had to pull out of UFC 200. The bad news for Brock is that the word is that Reigns failed for the ADHD medicine Adderall, and Brock failed for using the exact same drug that Jones was suspended for after he tested positive.

That makes Brock Lesnar look like a hypocrite. There were quite a few questions concerning what the WWE would do about this. WWE suspended Reigns, who was booked for a world title match, for failing his drug test and was silent on Lesnar. It looks like the WWE has made their decision, and it appears they will use the drug allegations as a storyline for Randy Orton’s upcoming SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar.


The UFC had a big decision to make as well. The organization removed Jon Jones from UFC 200, yet Brock Lesnar was allowed to fight there. Lesnar failed two tests for the same drug that Jones was removed from UFC 200 for taking.

MMA Fighting reported that the UFC has chosen not to fine either man for failing the same drug test. The drug that the two men failed for was hydroxy-clomiphene. The USADA can still suspend them, and the UFC will have to honor those suspensions.

There is also the chance that the Nevada Athletic Commission could fine Lesnar and Jones. Brock could have to pay a percentage of his payday from the UFC 200 fight, which was a total of $2.5 million. However, the UFC will not fine either man. Lesnar could never fight in the UFC again, and if the Nevada commission really wanted to hit him, they could seek legal charges against him as well.


However, with the UFC not fining Brock Lesnar, the WWE is now moving on with their product. Brock Lesnar was supposed to be the number one overall pick in the WWE Draft by WWE Monday Night Raw, but after his failed drug test, they chose Seth Rollins instead. Brock was still a high draft pick, but the WWE chose to push him down rather than court more controversy.

Also, despite the Roman Reigns suspension, there was little to no chance for a Brock Lesnar suspension. He did fail the two drug tests, but neither test was from the WWE, and he has passed his WWE drug tests as far as anyone knows. He is also not a regular part of the roster, so there is a chance he does not have to take the same drug tests as traveling talent. Either way, Brock Lesnar will face Randy Orton at SummerSlam in August, and it sounds like the WWE will not hide the drug allegations leading up to the match.

[Image via WWE]