‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: The Loaded Question — Will JoJo Have Sex In The Fantasy Suite In Tonight’s Episode?

Every single show has that one episode each season where fans can’t wait to see what happens in it, and that is especially true for reality television. For each season of The Bachelorette, it’s the episode where the leading lady has the overnight dates in the Fantasy Suite with the remaining suitors. Tonight, JoJo Fletcher is going to have her turn and all of the fans simply want to know which guy she will have sex with and if it might be all three.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelorette in the summer of 2016. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

At the beginning of tonight’s episode, there will be an immediate rose ceremony elimination, and it is going to be hard for the fans to take. Luke Pell will be going home and JoJo will take Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, and Jordan Rodgers to the Fantasy Suite for the overnight dates.

Moving on from there, though, tough decisions will need to be made and what happens in the Fantasy Suite can hold serious consequences in the future.

There is at least one more certainty and it’s that JoJo will not be sleeping with Chase McNary. It has been revealed that just a short time after arriving in the Fantasy Suite, she realizes things aren’t “right” and that she “can’t do this,” so she squashes the whole thing.

Even though Chase will come back to apologize to her later on in the episode, he is still rather bothered by the whole thing even now. Reality Steve reports that it has bothered him so much that he brought it up again at the taping of the “Men Tell All” special, and it brought about even more discussion of it.

This leads to the other two guys, Robby and Jordan, and if the Bachelorette is going to have sex with one or both of them on their respective Fantasy Suite dates.


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Bustle makes the great point that it really isn’t the business of anyone whether she has sex with any guys or not, but this is a reality show, and it’s about her dating life. She has already sent home a number of men that appeared to be frontrunners and just all-around good guys, but these are her choices and her decisions to make.

Popular spoiler sites such as Reality Steve don’t really have the inside scoop on what takes place in the Fantasy Suite, and Romper reminds the world that the intimate happenings in it are off-limits to viewers. Typically, if the truth about the dates is to come out, it usually doesn’t happen until weeks or even months later.

Speculation is going to run wild today, tonight, and for weeks to come about the overnight dates and what may or may not have happened.

As Inquisitr reported, JoJo Fletcher had allegedly “demanded” two marriage proposals before making her final selection. She wanted to see who made the most feelings stir up inside of her and which one felt right before actually telling Jordan or Robby that she would marry them.

If she wanted to know that, one would think she may want to know exactly how an intimate sex life would be with one or even both. When it comes down to getting married, though, she has her heart and mind set on it being one time and one guy.

There is one thing that is 100 percent certain about tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, and it’s that JoJo Fletcher will not be spending the night or having sex with Chase McNary. That still leaves two guys to decide from in Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes. If the speculation is true and she really did demand two marriage proposals so she could know everything, then who is to say that she wasn’t intimate with both men in their respective Fantasy Suite overnight dates?

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