‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Makes Plans, Liam Reflects, And Things Get Intense Between Caroline And Ridge

Monday brings a wild episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers tease that many will be headed to Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit, and there will be some intense moments along the way. In addition, a relationship is facing a shift that may well pave the way to some major shake-ups. Where are things headed during the July 25 show?

As viewers saw last week, Eric and Liam were on the jet heading to Monte Carlo, and the two men had some detailed conversation. Liam is still in love with Steffy, and he talked about how Quinn’s antics tore them apart. He also voices hope that they can still find their way back to one another. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central detail that the discussion between the two men will continue during Monday’s show, and Liam will talk in great detail about what Quinn did to him.

As Liam, Wyatt, Steffy, and Eric all boarded the company jet to head to Monte Carlo, Quinn started making plans of her own to head abroad as well. Deacon is hesitant about this plan, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will try to dissuade her from heading over there. It sounds as if she will ignore Deacon’s pleas, and she will indeed hit the friendly skies to attend the Spencer Summit herself.

In addition to the drama related to everybody heading to the Spencer Summit, Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that there will be moments during Monday’s episode showing some difficult moments between Caroline and Ridge. Now that the truth about Thomas being Douglas’ biological father is out, Thomas and Caroline have been spending a lot of time together. This has not gone unnoticed by Ridge, and he admitted some major concerns about this situation to Brooke.


During Monday’s show, Caroline and Ridge will spend time together, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will be a bit worried about what he has to say. It seems that the two will have a romantic dinner together, but tensions hang in the air, and this relationship will face some heartbreaking moments.

As the week plays out, Caroline and Ridge will reflect on their relationship, and she will come to admit that she wanted to be with Thomas during the night that Douglas was conceived. Ridge will find himself feeling devastated over what is happening in their marriage, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will initiate a split with Caroline. Will these two really end their marriage and will she begin a relationship with Thomas, or can this pairing be saved?


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Eric and Quinn will spend some frisky time together later in the week, and Steffy shares some fun moments with Wyatt. However, Liam is said to make a big move to woo Steffy, and Wyatt will end up shocked by some of what transpires. Steffy is going to learn of Quinn and Eric’s fling, and things will get wild as a result. There is more action on the way related to Katie, Bill, and Brooke, as well, and the drama related to this trio is not over yet.

How wild will things get when the racy affair involving Eric and Quinn is exposed? Can Liam win back Steffy or is she destined to remain with her husband? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that wild times are on the way over the course of the next few episodes, and viewers will not want to miss where things are headed next.

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