Paul Walker’s Legacy Kept Alive By ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise And His Daughter, Meadow

Paul Walker may be gone, but his legacy lives on forever. His legendary character of Brian O’Conner is still a part of the Fast & Furious franchise. According to Cinema Blend, the Fast & Furious franchise will continue to honor Paul Walker and his legacy.

The young actor lost his life in a tragic car accident in 2013, and after Paul Walker’s character drove off into the sunset at the end of 2015’s Furious 7, his on-screen family has endeavored to keep his memory alive.

The cast of the upcoming Fast 8 has released a video explaining how Paul Walker’s fans could contribute to keeping his memory alive, and all for a good cause. The cast and crew of Fast 8 recently announced that the film teamed up with Omaze to raise money for The Paul Walker Foundation. Fans who donated to the campaign were be entered in a contest, in which the first prize was an all expense paid trip to the set of the upcoming Fast & Furious film. The first prize winner also won a tour of the set and a hands-on look at everything that goes into making a Fast & Furious film.

Even those who did not win the competition took solace knowing that the money went to an incredibly worthwhile cause. The Paul Walker Foundation was set up to raise money for the preservation and conservation of the world’s ocean and aquatic wildlife. The important cause perfectly honors the philanthropic spirit that guided Paul Walker during his short but meaningful life. Paul Walker may be gone, but the friends he has left behind formed a family that will always remember the important role he played during his short life.

Paul Walker met his tragic end when his Porsche was in an accident. A lawsuit against Porsche followed, but it seemingly came to a stop. According to Movie News Guide, Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, can still go ahead with the lawsuit.

Porsche’s attempts at distancing themselves from the Paul Walker accident lawsuit were foiled when an L.A. Superior Judge allowed Paul’s daughter Meadow to go ahead with her lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit filed by her pointed out the defects that caused her father’s car to lose its balance and his life. Porsche has admitted from the outset that the car was improperly maintained, which could have been one of the problems.

The autopsy reports revealed that Paul and his friend died because of trauma and burn injuries. The lawsuit by Paul Walker’s daughter was first filed on September 28, 2015, in which she blamed the car company, stating that if the defects in the car were not present, her father would still be alive.

Contrary to Paul Walker’s daughter’s case, an investigation carried out by the LAPD stated that the reason for the crash was high speed, and in their report, they confirmed that the car was traveling at a speed of 80 to 93 miles per hour. On the other hand, Meadow Walker’s lawsuit proceeds on the basis that the car was actually traveling between 63 to 71 miles per hour.

Meadow was not the only one to file a lawsuit against Porsche, as Paul Walker’s father also filed a lawsuit against the car company. The Judge is currently deciding if Paul’s father’s case, Meadow’s case, and other possible lawsuits should be allowed to proceed or not.

Jeffery Milam of Pasadena and Roger Garrett, Ryan Squire, Jennifer Slater, and Edward Racek of Garrett & Tully are representing Paul Walker’s daughter and his estate in the case.

[Photo by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images]