Amanda Bynes: Is The Troubled Actress Checking Into Rehab?

Amanda Bynes, the former Nickelodeon star who has encountered more than her fair share of vehicular trouble as of late, has reportedly checked herself into rehab. According to RumorFix, the What I Like About You alumnus is seeking help at an undisclosed rehabilitation center somewhere in Southern California. Given her numerous troubles as of late, it’s kind of surprising that she didn’t seek professional help sooner.

An anonymous source explained to the website that Bynes will check into the aforementioned facility either late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Since the actress is currently being charged with DUI and two counts of hit and run, checking into rehab now might help lessen the extent of her legal woes down the road. As of this writing, Bynes’ court date has been set for September 27, though this could ultimately change if the actress is still seeking help.

Although this scenario may sound entirely plausible, the folks at E! News explain that Bynes isn’t headed to rehab. In fact, she doesn’t have any plans whatsoever to seek medical treatment for her problems. In fact, according to TMZ, Bynes recently embarked on a two-hour shopping spree, an adventure she allegedly spent locked inside a dressing room.

“No one knows what is going on with her,” one of Bynes’ neighbors explained to E! News. “Her house has become dilapidated. It used to be beautiful but she’s let it go to ruin. That’s even getting her into trouble, the homeowners’ association is very annoyed at her. It was a beautiful house and now it looks a state.”

Regardless of whether or not Amanda Bynes is checking herself into rehab, it’s clear that something isn’t quite right with the young actress. Although she may not be seeking assistance at a treatment facility in the near future, this could change if a judge decides she seriously needs the help.