WWE News: Kofi Kingston Comments On Fighting Wyatt Family, His Time With The New Day

Despite the excitement of WWE Battleground, there was one match that was very underrated thanks to the acting and performance of Xavier Woods. The New Day and Wyatt Family battled for the last time at WWE Battleground. Woods stole the show with his raw emotion in his fight against Bray Wyatt’s trance.

He overcame his “fear” to attack Wyatt, but Bray came out on top in the end in arguably the best PPV in WWE this year. Kofi Kingston and Big E also fought valiantly, which included a scary spot by Big E to Braun Strowman on the floor.

Prior to this fight, Kofi Kingston spoke to the Tallahassee Democrat about his fights with the Wyatt Family and being in the New Day.

“Right now, being in the New Day is the most fun I’ve had in my career, and I signed with the WWE in 2006. All three of us are usually on the same page with a lot of things, we got a chance to really know each other’s personalities.

“Every time we get in the ring together it’s really intense. The Wyatts in general are just really entertaining, in a strange type of way. Bray Wyatt is like seven feet tall and seven feet wide.”

WWE Battleground was Sunday night, and it surely didn’t disappoint. The women opened up the show, which was a shock to many. Charlotte and Dana Brooke took on Sasha Banks and a mystery partner. Her mystery partner turned out to be Bayley, which blew the roof off the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. For over a week, Banks continued to tease who her partner would be. She even denied that it was Bayley on social media.

Triple H Bayley
[image via WWE]

Throughout the night, wrestling seemed to be a priority, despite what the WWE specializes in and deems the most important part of sports entertainment. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had arguably the match of the year.

Here were some of the reactions to their five-star bout.

Their match was filled with overwhelming suspense, emotion, and excitement. Even though the WWE said they won’t wrestle again, that’s hardly possible since they are on the WWE Raw brand. Look out for more Owens and Zayn in the future. The Miz and Darren Young was a mediocre match, and it will only extend their feud. Rusev squashed Zack Ryder, which brought out Mojo Rawley in his WWE main roster debut.

Gronk Mojo

To end the night, the Shield triple threat for the WWE championship finally became a reality. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns put on a great match, but it was Ambrose who came out on top and ended the night in the arms of his SmackDown brethren.

Monday night begins the new era when the brand split is officially live, and new feuds will begin. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the New Day are now the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team champions. That could factor into their next program. Bray Wyatt just lost his muscle in Strowman. Rollins and Reigns will be by themselves on Raw, so that is probably going to be their biggest feud following Sunday night. Finn Balor will make his debut, and Bayley may come back as well.

It’s a great time to be a WWE fan.

[Image via WWE]