‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Will Veto Get Used In Week 5?

Big Brother 18 spoilers speak to whether the Veto will get used now. The BB18 house has been up all night Sunday (July 24), with most of the houseguests still chatting at 6:38 a.m. on Monday morning (July 25). A report from fan site Joker’s Updates has Da’Vonne Rogers telling Bridgette Dunning that Frank Eudy’s fate is sealed this week. Da’Vonne feels that there is a way to get Bridgette out of the shadow of Frank and keep her in the game a bit longer, as well.

Frank has been trying for hours to figure out why people in the BB18 house lied to him about going on the block. He is referring to James Huling, who is currently the Head of Household, pulling him aside and assuring him that he wouldn’t be going on the block. James also guaranteed that he wouldn’t nominate Bridgette Dunning for eviction this week, so it’s possible his trustworthiness could come up down the road. It seems pretty unlikely that Bridgette or Frank would vote for James if the are part of the jury.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Veto competition already took place on Saturday (July 23). Michelle Meyer won the Power of Veto for Week 5, giving her a lot of control over how the nominations for eviction could look. Frank Eudy has been working hard on her to get her to use the Veto, but Michelle never got really enthusiastic about the idea. Michelle has also been making fun of Bridgette in the BB18 house for a while now, suggesting she wouldn’t even consider saving Bridgette, either.

Addressing the main focus of these Big Brother 18 spoilers, early Monday morning on the live feeds, Michelle Meyer stated that she didn’t want to hurt Frank’s feeling by getting his hopes up. Michelle basically declared that she would not be using the Power of Veto to save either of the nominees. That will present an uneventful Veto ceremony when it takes place on Monday afternoon, but they still have a few hours left to debate the possibilities.

This means that the July 28 eviction vote will be between Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning. There are 12 houseguests left in the game, meaning nine of them will cast votes to decide who walks out the door next. As it stands, the vote would be 9-0 to evict Frank, especially with his behavior in the BB18 house over the past week. He has tried nearly every possible strategy to try to get people on his side in the game, but he has now run out of lifeboats to keep this run going.

These Big Brother 18 spoilers certainly point to what could be considered a very boring Veto ceremony. At least it means that Michelle Meyer will get some more air time on CBS, as she has rarely been shown during the first chunk of episodes this season. At one point, she had only one Diary Room interview shown (total) over a five-episode span. That was the lowest amount of screen time that anyone in the BB18 house had received. Now she has a Veto win that will demand she gets at least a few minutes during the Wednesday, July 27 episode.

It’s entirely possible that the rest of Week 5 could be uneventful in the BB18 house. Frank Eudy knows that his fate is sealed and that he will become the fifth houseguest evicted. While he could still cause some drama before the eviction vote takes place, it is highly unlikely that any further Big Brother 18 spoilers will show him to be gaining traction in this situation. The only question left to answer is which houseguest will become the primary target for eviction once Frank is gone.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]