The Clean Energy Revolution: A Peaceful Protest In Philadelphia On The Eve Of The Democratic National Convention

The Protests at the Democratic National Convention are just getting started, but they are off to a solid beginning. While protesters by the thousands marched on Philadelphia, the marches have been very peaceful. The Sunday event was a perfect example of what a peaceful protest march should look like.

Sunday, The Clean Energy Revolution marched on Philadelphia ahead of the Democratic Convention. Though the weather was sweltering, spirits remained high and protesters were unusually cheerful considering the intense heat. There were no clashes with police at all. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross and other officers marched alongside as if they were all taking a Sunday stroll, according to 6 ABC. Commissioner Ross told NBC 4i he liked what he saw in the peaceful Sunday protests. The only problem was the blistering heat. Volunteers handed out water among the huge crowds to prevent dehydration.

Protests at the Democratic National Convention are just getting started, and there are numerous protests scheduled for this week in Philadelphia. Many marches are going to coincide. The overlaps were completely enjoyed today, as protesters joined forces regardless of cause, giving an air of unity.

The Clean Energy Revolution protesters intermixed with the anti-establishment protesters, Occupy protesters, and Bernie or Bust protesters as they marched. Everything went peacefully. One cause blended with the other, as protesters carried signs for varying causes but chanted along with one another in sweaty solidarity. Temperatures soared to around 100 degrees, but the protesters maintained their inner cool.

AP Photo John Minchillo c Clean Energy Revolution Protesters at DNC [Image via AP Photo/John Minchillo]Protests at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia will include protesters of all ages. It was predicted to be a mostly youthful protest, but Sam Miller, age 82, of Erie, Pennsylvania, was not about to leave this one to the youngsters. He was there to defend the earth from fracking, as reported by NBC 4i. This octogenarian walked for many blocks, explaining his ecological stance to reporters.

“Fracking is invading Mother Earth.”

Clean Energy Revolution activist Bill Snape, who works as the senior attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, decided to dress as a Polar Bear for the march, despite the extreme heat. Even though he was wearing fur in just under 100-degree weather, he explained he was much more comfortable than a polar bear, as recorded by Common Dreams.

“I’m in much better shape than the polar bears of the Arctic. Their habitat is literally melting, melting precipitously. So this is our lighthearted way to remind people we need to stop climate change now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now.”

Protests at the Democratic National Convention this year are very sweaty affairs. It is incredibly hot, even without wearing fur, but Bill Snape made the sacrifice to make a greater point. Others sacrificed too, by carrying huge signs, marching around the city and chanting various demands nonstop.

The Clean Energy Revolution has been months in planning and is supported by 900 different organizations. Mark Schlosberg, the campaign director for Food & Water Watch, says neither party is showing any real urgency about the climate crisis. The Democratic policies are very disappointing, according to Schlosberg, as he explained to Common Dreams.

“Together, we are sending a clear message to our elected officials: we demand a future powered by clean, renewable energy, not one that depends on dirty, polluting fossil fuels.”

While Protests at the Democratic National Convention were peaceful, they also stated their demands.

Clean Energy Revolution protesters are demanding a nationwide ban on fracking and offshore drilling, effective immediately, and a rapid transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, if not sooner. They also want to end funding for any and all fossil fuel infrastructure projects and overall they believe fossil fuel should be left in the ground, especially if it is under public lands.

Protesters admire giant Bernie Doll AP Photo John Minchillo r The giant Bernie doll was a huge favorite with crowds [Image via AP Photo/John Minchillo]The Protests at the Democratic National Convention were very different than the protests at the Republican Convention. According to NBC 4i, the Republicans had a much smaller, but more volatile crowd. Even so, there were only about two dozen arrests at the RNC. Though the crowd is probably already around 10,000 in all and is fanning out over miles, there have been no problems in Philadelphia so far.

The Clean Energy Revolution alone consisted of about 5,000 protesters, while other groups also had numbers in the thousands on their first day. Sunday is really a pre-rally day and more protesters will soon flood Philly. Bikes are being used as crowd control, but so far there have been no problems. Downtown shoppers watched the demonstration with fascination as the march passed local shops.

The Protests at the Democratic National Convention began with The Clean Energy Revolution march, which eventually mingled with other peaceful rallies.

[Image via AP Photo/John Minchillo]