Bill Maher Says He, Stewart And Colbert Don’t Change Minds, They Preach To The Choir

If you’re a fan of Bill Maher, chances are you’re also keen on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert — but Maher says that’s all par for the course, since preaching to the choir is their specialty.

Maher did a brief but stunningly wide-ranging interview for Men’s Journal this week, hitting the topics of cigarettes versus weed and alcohol, liberal chat shows like his own and what women really want in a man.

And indeed, Maher is an expert in all three areas — he’s been dominating the political cross-talk scene for years, even weathering a high-profile firing after September 11. He is an outspoken user and advocate of marijuana, sitting on the board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). And lastly, he’s rarely snapped outside the company of an attractive woman when not hosting his show. (Though in recent months, Maher has alluded to finally settling down with a woman after years of outspoken distaste for monogamy and committed relationships.)

Of his controversial public image and general reception of his political schtick, Maher said:

“There is literally nothing I can tweet that won’t incite a litany of people telling me I’m an [expletive]. I could say, “Good morning.’ ‘What the f**k do you know about morning, Bill Maher? You hate America!’ It’s hysterical.”

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But Maher is under no illusions that his show changes many minds at all among Americans — he explains:

“When it comes to politics, people like myself – Jon Stewart, Colbert, whoever is out there giving an opinion – I don’t think we really change people’s minds. We entertain the people who already agree with us.”

And while Maher has in the past been branded somewhat of a womanizer, he has some very down-to-Earth advice for men seeking a real relationship — the talk-show host explains:

“That they are more like you than not like you. Treat her like you would a friend, and you’ll wind up with a lover. What women want in a man, more than anything, is authenticity.”

Are you a fan of Maher’s HBO show and the political debates that ensue on his panel?