‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Is ‘Scary Skinny’ In New Bikini Photo

Is Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer unhealthy?

According to a new report, the reality star recently shared a new photo on Instagram that has caused concern among her fans.

“Leah Messer is showing off her summertime look, and is leaving some fans a bit worried about the mom-of-three’s skinny frame,” In Touch Weekly revealed to readers on July 24. “The 24-year-old star, who is mom to daughter Adalynn Faith, who she shares with ex Jeremy Calvert and six-year-old twin daughters Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace, with ex Corey Simms, took to Instagram to show off her bikini body.”

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— Teen Mom Update (@TeenMomUpdate) July 15, 2016

After Leah Messer shared the “scary skinny” photo, fans flooded her with comments, claiming she needed to put on more weight and taking aim at her protruding bones.

“Leah is too thin.”

“Oh my.. Leah you can see your bones. Put on some weight!”

“I know you’re skinny but get some meat on your bones – shouldn’t actually see them.”

One Instagram user even suggested Leah Messer’s weight loss was the result of drug use.

“You’re def doing drugs again,” the woman wrote.

In late 2014, Leah Messer began facing allegations of drug use, which claimed the reality star had become addicted to the pain medication she was prescribed after the birth of her third child, 3-year-old Adalynn Faith Calvert. Although Leah Messer continuously denied the allegations, she eventually admitted to feeling as though she was beginning to become dependent on the drugs during a scene from Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

“When I was hurting so bad, I’d take the medication, because I could get up and go. I could take care of my kids. My back wasn’t hurting,” Leah Messer told her mother. “I told you guys, ‘I’ve got this medication. I feel like I’m becoming dependent. I can’t take this medication.’ I stopped taking the medication.”

Weeks later, Leah Messer entered a rehab facility in Arizona but claimed her time at the facility was aimed at addressing her issues with anxiety and depression, not her dependency on drugs.

Around the time Leah Messer entered treatment, her ex-husbands, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, spoke of her alleged drug problem on Teen Mom 2. In one scene, Simms and his wife, Miranda, were seen confronting Leah Messer about the possibility that she was hiding a drug problem. Then, during another scene, Simms and Calvert spoke to one another about what Calvert noted was a prescription pill problem and agreed that they both feared for their daughter’s safety.

Over a year after Leah Messer completed a 30-day treatment program in Arizona, she appears to be doing well on her social media pages. Although she did end up losing primary custody of her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah Simms, late last year, she was reportedly granted more time with them earlier this year and often shares photos of the girls, and their younger sister, Adalynn, on Instagram and Facebook.

As for Leah Messer’s issues with her ex-husbands, it’s hard to say where they stand at this point, but during the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion special weeks ago, Messer made it clear that she was not a fan of Calvert’s parenting and felt that he was treating their daughter unfairly. She also told Dr. Drew Pinsky, the reunion host, that she often struggled to get Calvert involved in their daughter’s life.

Leah Messer and her co-stars are reportedly in production on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

[Image via Leah Messer/Facebook]