‘Arrow’ Season 5 Trailer: Oliver Putting Together A New Team?

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 brought the Arrow Season 5 trailer. Fans were introduced to the new potential Team Arrow, with a look at the show going back to its roots.

Arrow fans can’t deny the fact that the show has strayed. There are elements from the very beginning missing, especially in the latest season. Now that the flashbacks have caught up to the present day, it is time for Oliver to stop going back to the past and think about the future. That is what he seems to do in the latest trailer.

Unlike many other new season trailers at SDCC 2016, Arrow‘s trailer had a big look at the future. It introduced new characters for the fans to get to know and love, including a new villain.

The newest big bad of Arrow Season 5 will be called Prometheus, and can be spotted at the very end of the trailer. Very little is known about this evil, and he certainly will not be the one from the Justice League universe. Arrow writers have a tendency to stray from the comic book universes, as seen with Laurel Lance’s character, the Black Canary. The Flash has been the show to mainly stick to the comic stories, even introducing the Flashpoint Universe for Season 3.

According to iDigital Times, the new Prometheus will fit into the legacy, and has ties all the way back to Arrow Season 1. The show is going to find its way back to its roots this season. Some of that will come from this big bad, who won’t have any super powers, and other parts of it will come from the new team of recruits.

The second episode is titled “Recruits,” and will introduce the two new characters who were briefly shown in the Season 5 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. All three have no powers at all, and protect the world because of the way Oliver Queen’s Arrow has inspired them.

Evelyn Sharp will be the only female new recruit to the team. At first look, she will be the new Black Canary, but it is possible that Ollie will want her to take on a different name and form. After all, he won’t want a reminder of the woman he once loved and now feels like he has failed. There is also news that Katie Cassidy will return to Arrow Season 5, although it’s unknown whether that is as the Black Canary or in flashback form. She will have the codename Artemis, but her costume is unknown.

Rene Ramirez is another to join, but Felicity says his street name Wild Dog is “much scarier.” He was previously hinted as coming into the show, but whether his character will follow the source material is unknown. Wild Dog in the comics wasn’t as popular as he may become on the show.

Curtis Holt will also be one of the new recruits, who has started off as the new mechanical engineer, similar to Cisco in The Flash. However, he will want to help with the fighting, and has a loved one at home who will likely notice the injuries he will gain. Will this stop him from fighting, or will his marriage be put to the test? He will get the team name Mr. Terrific.

Felicity, Thea and Diggle will all appear in the new season, but may not quite be as connected to Team Arrow as once before. Thea says that she can’t fight alongside her brother, but she will help him in his new task as Mayor. It looks like she will do the day-to-day running of the operations, so Ollie can focus on keeping the city safe.

David Ramsey has said that Diggle will be affected by the events in The Flash Season 3. He said it will affect him personally, but not how that will be.

Arrow Season 5 airs on the CW on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]