‘The Originals’ Season 4 First Look: Time Jump Confirmed

The time jump has been confirmed for The Originals Season 4 in the first look shared at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. During the panel, the teaser trailer for the new season was shared, and the very end gave the confirmation.

Caution: There are spoilers from The Originals Season 3.

The topic of The Originals time jump has been hot ever since the Season 3 finale. The Mikaelsons were left with their fates in the hands of Hayley and Hope. With Hope being just a toddler, would mother and daughter find cures for Uber Original bites, curses, and poisons? Would they be able to save Klaus from Marcel?

Executive Producer Michael Narducci had previously hinted that there would be a time jump, but never said how far into the future the show would go. He just said that Hayley would spend time finding a way to save the people she loves and the people who have become a family to her. She may do that herself or find a witch to help.

Showrunner Julie Plec went on to talk about the wait for The Originals Season 4, indicating that the January 2017 start was beneficial. It meant that she wasn’t worried about running the show alongside parent show The Vampire Diaries, so there was more freedom for a longer time jump. She will have likely already known that The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was going to be the last at this point, which The Daily Voice News reported. Running The Originals further ahead in time than the parent show would be very easy to do now.

Once hearing about this, there were questions over how far ahead The Originals will run. The Inquisitr reported about a casting call for a girl around six or seven. The description was an older Hope, but the name was never given. Based on the new trailer for The Originals Season 4, it looks like that casting call was exactly as it seemed, and the time jump will be around five years.

While most of the SDCC 2016 trailer looks at flashes of previous episodes, with voiceovers of Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel, there is a flash of the new season. This is the way many shows work with sneak peeks of shows, as filming has usually only just started. It is possible that this final moment is currently the only filmed and edited part of the new season.

The screen goes black, and a young girl asks, “Mom, are we going to get my dad?” The scene opened to Hayley standing in front of a young, brown-haired girl with a backpack somewhere in the woods. Tucking her daughter’s hair behind her ear, she says, “Yes, sweetie. I promise.”

The Originals Season 4 trailer may have ended with that, but it has all fans talking about it. They are now sharing this clip everywhere on social media, rejoicing at the idea of a time jump. Not only had Plec confirmed it previously, but it also makes sense. Hayley wouldn’t be able to find cures overnight for everyone. The letter that Klaus wrote Hope at the very end of Season 3 suggested that he knew it would be years before she would see her again. Setting the time jump five years into the future is realistic, but not too far for fans to feel connected to the show.

The Originals will return to the CW, but sometime in January 2017. There isn’t any confirmation of when this will take place, but filming has already started. Nobody at Comic-Con has said that this will be the final season or that it will be cut short. For now, fans will just have to deal with the sneak peek of The Originals Season 4 until next year.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]