‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Nurse Amy Discover Who The Real Killer Is This Week?

There has been a killer roaming the halls of General Hospital for weeks now, and no one has been able to figure out who it is. Dr. Mayes was the number one suspect, but he actually became the latest victim. This week on the ABC daytime drama has nurse Amy Driscoll discovering something that may have her rattled.

According to spoilers put out by Soaps She Knows, Amy is expected to discover something horrifying. What could it be? Is it the face of the killer striking again at General Hospital? She is a fairly new nurse on staff, but Amy is certainly not afraid to express her feelings, and she loves to gossip. Of course, she is very similar to another GH character from the soap’s past. Longtime viewers remember Amy Vining as the hospital’s gossip queen. However, her nosiness sometimes got her into trouble, and this may just be what happens with the new Amy as she possibly walks in on something she is not supposed to see.

The General Hospital killer is expected to strike once again. Who is the latest victim? It could be that this person will try to do away with mobster Julian Jerome, as he seems to be the most vulnerable right now. He can’t run away because he is handcuffed to his hospital bed at the moment. In addition, there are spoilers that say the next potential victim will put up a fight, and Julian would certainly be tough enough to do that. However, it could very well be someone completely different.


There is also Naomi Dreyfus, who has been admitted to the hospital after having a severe panic attack. She is certainly vulnerable and seems to be a sitting duck right now. But would she be able to fight off the killer? It isn’t certain yet whether this person will actually succeed this time in killing another patient or doctor, so maybe Amy will stop whoever is doing this. She could potentially be one of the victims, as well.

Who has been going around offing patients at General Hospital? Right now, Franco seems to be the main suspect. Before he became a suspect, all eyes were on Dr. Hamilton Finn and also Dr. Mayes. However, Finn was locked up in jail at the time the last murder occurred, and Mayes was the victim that died as a result of the deadly syringe that he was injected with, so those two were definitely ruled out.

Spoilers from TV Source Magazine mention that Franco will be caught by Valerie at a place where he is not supposed to be, which will put the main focus on him as the killer. It will most likely not be him, but it could very well affect his new budding relationship with Elizabeth.

Many speculations have been thrown out there so far on the General Hospital killer’s real identity. There are several names going around, and any of them could actually be the one causing havoc. Other than Franco being on the list of suspects, it could very well be Dr. Obrecht. She has an evil past and has been trying to put the heat on others like Dr. Finn. There is also Dr. Griffin Munro, who seems so innocent, but the quiet well-mannered doctor/priest could hold some grudges no one knows about.


Speaking of grudges, one very likely suspect is Heather Webber. It doesn’t matter if she is locked up in prison. She somehow finds a way to escape by paying people off to help her in some way. Heather has been seen on screen recently as Franco has paid her a visit, and she is about to get another visitor on Monday as well. She also knows how to use a syringe.


Another ruthless villain that could very well play into this whole scenario is Jerry Jacks, as he hasn’t been seen in a while, but his brother, Jasper Jacks, is heading back to Port Charles this week. Jerry is certainly horrible enough to be terrorizing everyone at General Hospital. Other names that have been thrown around are Andre Maddox and even nurse Amy herself.

What are your thoughts on who the General Hospital killer really is?

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for NATAS]