One Direction: Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Praised While Liam Gets Brickbats

What a strange world One Direction inhabit. If you are a reader of the press or a fan of social media, it will not have escaped your notice that One Direction celebrated six years as a group on Saturday. One Direction may currently be enjoying some time away from the pressures of touring and recording, but One Direction fans were never going to allow their anniversary to pass quietly. Fans shared their favorite One Direction moments on social media and had the hashtag #6Yearsof1D trending worldwide on Twitter, Billboard reports.

Since being formed as a band on the 2010 season of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor, One Direction have amassed a large and very loyal following throughout the world. Sadly though, One Direction have also had to endure almost incessant attacks from some sections of the media. Over the years, the members of One Direction have had to endure constant attacks on their credibility as artists. Doubtless their roots as a “manufactured boy-band” have led many to write One Direction off, but negativity that has nothing to do with music is arguably the most damaging.


There have been almost endless attempts by the media, especially in the U.K., to damage One Direction’s image as a “squeaky clean” pop band. Harry Styles has been portrayed as a womanizer since he was just 16 years old. Louis Tomlinson has been painted as a drunk, a deadbeat dad and a love rat. Liam Payne has been attacked as homophobic on a number of occasions. Niall Horan is seen as One Direction’s “no drama” member and seems to be largely able to go about his business without much press negativity.

Even when there is cause for celebration, some seem determined to use the occasion to claim rifts within One Direction as part of the narrative that One Direction are history. As fans celebrated One Direction’s sixth anniversary, the Irish Examiner reported that Styles and Tomlinson had taken to social media to thank fans for their support. Niall Horan had also thanked One Direction fans, but his message did not rate a mention.


Nothing illustrates the way One Direction are treated in some media outlets better than the response to the fact that Liam Payne failed to thank fans on Saturday. As was reported in the Inquisitr, some outlets chose to report this as further evidence that One Direction are history. The claim was that Liam had “snubbed” One Direction’s anniversary. With Payne being the latest member of the band to sign a solo contract, this was used as a tool to claim rifts within One Direction.

Of course, those publications were left with a little egg on their faces when Payne took to Twitter to thank One Direction fans just a few hours later. Not only did Liam thank fans, but he used his message to reassure fans that they can look forward to “many more [years] to come.”


No one knows what One Direction’s reunion will look like. Tomlinson, Styles, Horan and Payne made it absolutely clear that they are taking a lengthy break to pursue solo projects. Why are people seemingly surprised when they do exactly that? Bustle claims that with Zayn Malik’s departure last year, and with Styles and Payne having signed solo contracts, One Direction are now down to just two members.

It is all hogwash of course. Hundreds of band members have released solo material without having to quit their band to do so. It is nothing unusual, but when the band in question is One Direction, everything has to be reported as some sort of drama. Of course, One Direction fans are well used to seeing sensationalized and inaccurate reporting on Styles and Tomlinson.


For the most part, One Direction fans ignore the way Styles and Tomlinson are reported in the media and rely on fan networks for more accurate information. One Direction fans have certainly got used to negative reporting about their favorite band and have become adept at digging around to unearth the reality.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]