Ariana Grande Single Again? The Deleted Tweets That May Confirm A Breakup With Ricky Alvarez

Could Ariana Grande be a single woman once again?

New reports are suggesting that Grande may just have called it quits with her boyfriend of around 17-months, Ricky Alvarez, after Ariana posted some pretty cryptic messages on social media.

According to a new claims by Hollywood Take, Ariana hinted at a possible breakup with Alvarez on social media on July 23, where she posted and then promptly deleted candid messages about “change” and “feeling free.”

The site reported that Grande told her more than 40 million Twitter followers, “Change. Feelin’ free. Happy. Banginnnnnnn,” before clarifying that her tweet wasn’t about her recent big hair change. “But yeah bangs (not just talking bangs),” Ariana then wrote, alongside a kissing emoji.


The slew of tweets have since been deleted, though Grande returned to the social media site on July 24 to continue dropping hints about her mysterious life change, though never explicitly referencing a breakup.

“Life is wild,” Ariana tweeted out, adding that “change is f****** fantastic” before continuing to hint that she and Ricky, who first went public with their romance back in March 2015, may have split.

“Why do y’all always gotta be right about everything. I love you,” Grande told her fans on the 140-character site. “[Thank you] for loving me and caring and having my best interest at heart. I love u.”

Ariana is still yet to officially confirm if her candid social media messages are referencing a breakup with Alvarez, though Grande also left a number of other clues across her pages suggesting that she and Ricky had called it quits.


Bustle speculated back in May that the track “Knew Better/Forever Boy,” taken from Ariana’s latest album Dangerous Woman, was an ode to her and Ricky’s romance as well as a diss track aimed at Grande’s ex Big Sean, and it looks like Grande may just have confirmed the rumors.

Ariana Grande took to Instagram to post a mirror selfie amid the rampant Ricky Alvarez breakup reports, which she captioned “Forever Girl,” before liking a number of fan’s social media messages alluding to the track on Twitter.

“*Starts singing knew better/ forever girl*,” Ariana fan @LuvBenzoGrande tweeted to Grande, while Twitter user @bulletgrande simply wrote in reference to a potential split, “‘Forever Boy’ cancelled.”

A number of Grande’s fans also took to social media to speculate about a potential breakup with Ricky.

“Ariana and Ricky are obviously over don’t even try to deny it otherwise Ariana would have already confirmed that the rumors aren’t true,” @biebervsariana tweeted about Grande’s potential split from Alvarez, while @blamedgrande wrote, “I feel so bad that Ariana just put out an album describing all her love for Ricky and now they’re just done. That’s so heartbreaking to me.”

“Breaking up with Ricky was the best decision Ariana ever made my girl will no longer claim bad decisions,” Twitter user @obswetion added, and @possiblydianna wrote, “If Ariana and Ricky broke up that’s sad and all but she’s literally never single so I think if it’s true it’ll be good for her to be single.”

As fans continue to speculate about a potential breakup between Grande and Alvarez, rumors have been swirling for weeks that there could be trouble in paradise for Ariana and Ricky after what’s thought to be around a year-and-a-half of dating.


M Magazine reported that Grande posted a mysterious birthday message to Alvarez on Snapchat earlier this month, opting to use an old photo of the herself planting a kiss on Ricky’s cheek rather than snapping a new photo of the two together.

Ariana’s fans also began to speculate about a possible breakup just last week after The Daily Mail published photos of Grande enjoying some time at Disneyland with friends, including rapper Meek Mill, but confirmed that Alvarez was nowhere to be seen.

Do you think Ariana Grande cryptic social media posts confirmed a breakup with Ricky Alvarez?

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