WWE News: Major Update On Bayley’s Current Status After ‘WWE Battleground’

Last night at WWE Battleground, Bayley debuted on the main roster as Sasha Banks’ partner against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. It was a perfect example of how the predictable booking decision is often the right one. The WWE Universe talked about Bayley being passed over during the WWE Draft all week, so WWE officials had to give the fans a bone where it was due.

Bayley’s debut has been a moment the WWE Universe waited months to see. No one was a bigger fan than Sasha Banks, who couldn’t keep a straight face before her friend came to the ring. When Bayley’s music hit, The Boss’ face exploded with joy. It was a great moment for the performers, Bayley, and for the WWE Universe.

Sasha Banks and Bayley After Their Victory at WWE Battleground [Image via WWE.com]Obviously, there is a lot of speculation about where Bayley stands on the WWE main roster now that she has officially debuted on the bigger stage. Before last night, all anyone wanted to know was if Bayley would be making her debut. After last night, the WWE Universe wants to know if Bayley is pulling double duty in NXT, if she’ll be on Raw or SmackDown, or if her appearance was just a one-off surprise to let the fans know that WWE officials haven’t forgotten about Bayley.

According to a report from Wrestlezone.com, Bayley’s debut at WWE Battleground will only be a one-time appearance for the time being. This will be disappointing news to many since most of the WWE Universe believes that Bayley is ready for the main roster. But, she revealed during her post-match interview with Sasha Banks that her appearance was for one night only.

Last night, Bayley got such an emotional response from the Washington D.C. crowd that it is shocking WWE would continue to hit the brakes on the next big superstar of the Women’s division. The method to the madness is WWE officials want to keep the major stars of NXT with the brand through the next NXT Takeover special, which will take place next month in Brooklyn.

At NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, Bayley will be getting her rematch against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. WWE officials are looking for NXT stars to be finished with their storylines before making the full transition to the main roster. It’s true that WWE superstars have pulled double duty in the past, but it seems WWE is trying to avoid doing that too often.

Bayley Stands Proud as the NXT Womens Champion [Image via WWE.com]In addition to WWE wanting to bring Bayley to Raw or SmackDown “at the right time,” the NXT crew is also scheduled for a huge southern tour, which will begin later this week. WWE is ensuring that NXT’s top stars like Bayley continue to help grow NXT as much as possible before becoming the WWE superstar most fans expect her to become sooner rather than later.

During the WWE Draft, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nia Jax were all brought to Raw or SmackDown. There have been reports in the past about WWE being careful about taking Bayley away from NXT before there is a suitable replacement to fill her spot in NXT’s Women’s division. The expectation is that Bayley will be on the main roster full-time shortly after WWE Summerslam.

The WWE Universe would have been disappointed by anyone else being The Boss’ partner at WWE Battleground. WWE made the decision to give the fans what they want for one night, which is better than nothing. Bayley’s debut was a preview for what is to come. It was a great night and will be remembered as an important one as well.

Not only did the WWE Universe show that Bayley is going to a megastar for WWE down the line, but WWE can now afford to wait for Bayley to finish in NXT before conquering WWE. That kind of universal love from the WWE Universe isn’t going to disappear in a month. It’ll just add fuel to the fire so that when Bayley is on WWE TV for good, it’ll be full steam ahead.

[Image via WWE.com]