Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Gets Shown Off

The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel is still one of my favorite racing game controllers. Now Logitech has announced the G25’s replacement, the G27, an 11 inch racing wheel which offers stronger game controls, more programmable buttons and an overall better feel.

According to Logitech the G27 comes with RPM/shift indicator LEDs, a D-Pad for added control and 16 programmable buttons that are extremely simple to use. It also offers dual force feedback motors and the ability to use helical gear shifting.

The G27 also comes with rotation up to 900 degrees with realistic 2.5 turns to lock just like you’d find in a real racing car. The pedals also offer flip down teeth so they won’t slide around on carpeting.

They’ve also thrown in a gated shifter with six speeds and the ability to use push down reverse. A steel brake, clutch, and brake pedal are also all utilized.

The G27 works with PC, PS2, and PS3 sytems. However it won’t come cheap, with pre-orders offered for $299.99. [via Logitech]