Selena Gomez: Her Alleged Reaction To Family Feud Over Justin Bieber & Why Mandy Teefey Is Devastated

Selena Gomez is beyond upset about her family's reaction to her having reconciled with Justin Bieber, it has been reported.

Earlier this week, it was claimed that Selena's mother, Mandy Teefey, had been hospitalized over her disagreement with her daughter about her decision to get back with Bieber.

Mandy is said to have made it perfectly clear that she wants the "Purpose" singer to stay clear from Selena Gomez, but after the hitmaker had made the revelation that she's supposedly in couple's therapy with her beau, Teefey reportedly lost it.

Things have very much spiraled out of control between Selena Gomez and her family, who were also said to have been against the idea of Justin spending Thanksgiving dinner with them in Texas, convinced that their reconciliation wouldn't last.

But now that things are getting serious, Selena Gomez is falling out with her family all for the sake of being with Justin, and it's reportedly breaking her heart because she's always been very close to her mother, in particular.

The situation has supposedly really weighed hard on Selena Gomez because she genuinely sees herself having a future with Bieber. Now that they are completely serious about one another's decision to get back together, sources say she doesn't want her family's interference one bit, Hollywood Life notes.

From the way it's looking, the singer has no plans of ending things with the Biebs anytime soon.

It's said that Selena's relatives can't forget about the past, blaming Justin for Gomez's downfall that has led her to rehab on multiple occasions and ultimately breaking her heart by allegedly cheating on her and treating her badly.

It's understood that both Selena and Justin are much older now, but Gomez's family reportedly can't forget about the past and would want nothing more than for the 25-year-old to find herself a man that knows how to treat a woman right.

Selena Gomez is supposedly trying her hardest to mend things with her mother right now, but it's going to be evidently hard because Mandy isn't accepting of the romance one bit as of right now, insiders claim.