WWE News: Cesaro Could Be Getting Bigger Push From Vince McMahon After Voicing Recent Frustrations

Many WWE superstars have risen to the highest level of the wrestling industry because WWE gave them a microphone and two minutes of television time to speak their mind. Stone Cold Steve Austin did that at WWE King of the Ring 1996 and changed the business forever. It doesn’t always take sitting on a stage in Las Vegas and telling Vince McMahon that WWE will be better after he dies. Sometimes, it just takes a few minutes to defend yourself and your place in the industry.

Last night at WWE Battleground, Cesaro was a healthy scratch. He had no match and was only featured on WWE’s kickoff show panel for the PPV. Only six days after being drafted to Raw with the 28th overall pick during the WWE Draft, which is not a good representation of what The Swiss Superman believes his value is to the WWE product.

Shortly after being drafted, Cesaro did an exclusive interview with WWE.com that showed a lot of the frustration that has been building for him during his tenure with WWE. He also utilized his appearance during the kick-off show to continue voicing his frustrations with his position in WWE. You’d think Vince McMahon would drop the hammer on him, but it’s been the opposite.

Cesaro Flies Into an Uppercut
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According to a report from DailyWrestlingNews.com, Cesaro has picked up some backstage heat from WWE officials and Vince McMahon himself from his recent promos, but the heat is said to be mild. It has been confirmed that his comments have been unscripted and are exactly what the man behind the performer truly feels about his position in WWE.

Recent speculation about Cesaro’s recent comments is Vince McMahon actually praises and gains more respect from people standing up for themselves and speaking out in a constructive way. Cesaro may have picked up a little heat, but it is being said that voicing his recent frustrations with WWE could end up helping him get elevated to a higher level on WWE programming.

Cesaro making an appearance on the kick-off show before WWE Battleground wasn’t an accident. He caught the attention of WWE officials and Vince McMahon after his brief promo during last week’s WWE Draft tapped into something real. Last night, he was given another opportunity to speak his mind, and Cesaro is claiming that his in-ring work does all the necessary talking.

Cesaro Rips Off His Suit During His Entrance
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Way back at the end of 2014, Vince McMahon was the special guest on the “Stone Cold Podcast,” and he explained his thoughts towards Cesaro. If it had to be summed up, McMahon felt like Cesaro lacked “it.” A certain “it factor” that connects a WWE superstar with the WWE Universe. A lot of the blame came from a lack of verbal skills and having nothing to say as a character.

Right now, Cesaro has a lot to say. He’s proven that he says everything he needs to in the ring, but it wasn’t until this past week that WWE officials started listening to him. Cesaro admitted that he speaks five different languages, so it can be difficult to keep everything straight during a promo. However, he was right that everyone understands what happens in the ring.

No matter what language a WWE fan speaks, the entire WWE Universe speaks the same language when it comes to the actual wrestling inside the squared circle. Few would deny that Cesaro speaks very fluently in the ring, which is what led to the creation of the”Cesaro Section” and has slowly but surely allowed him to connect and win over the WWE Universe.

The King of Swing has been knocking his head on the glass ceiling for awhile now in WWE, but based on Cesaro’s recent passion finally coming out on WWE programming, it sounds like the glass is starting to crack.

[Image via WWE.com]