Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Says Mom Vida Is ‘Still A C**T’ About Her And Tommy

Does Mercedes “MJ” Javid now have the support of her mom, Vida, when it comes to her relationship with Tommy? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In a Shahs of Sunset after-show episode that was posted on Sunday night, MJ revealed that Vida has yet to come around to accepting her relationship with Tommy Feight.

MJ, who viewers saw get engaged to Tommy on the latest Shahs episode, even called her mom a “c**t” when asked about her. When the after-show host told MJ that she was happy about her engagement and hopes that there’s acceptance with Vida, MJ went off about her mom.

“My mom is a c**t. She’s a lunatic, neurotic b**ch. And she’s still a c**t, five seconds ago and still now. And in five seconds she will be.”

MJ went on to explain that she wants a romance that her parents didn’t have.

“I want love and I want to surpass what my parents had. I want to have more than Vida and I don’t care…”

All of sudden, MJ’s co-star Reza Farahan showed up to the interview dressed in drag as Vida. Reza, with a wig, lipstick and fake breasts, pretended to be Vida yelling at MJ about Tommy. Reza, as Vida, said that she wants MJ to be with a man her own age who has money, not a guy who smokes weed all day.

“I want doctor for Mercedes!” Reza imitated.

When the after-show host asked MJ what Tommy actually does for a living, MJ explained that he has a company called Blow & Drive Interlock.

In an interview with Bravo in April, MJ explained what Tommy’s company does.

“Tommy is the Marketing Director for Blow & Drive Interlock; their company developed cutting edge technology that the government uses to monitor criminals in an effort to keep the streets safe and save lives.”

Back on the after-show, Reza, as Vida, made fun of the engagement ring that Tommy gave her and yelled at her for still not losing weight. Throughout Reza’s impersonation, MJ laughed hysterically.

In another after-show episode, Tommy Feight joined his fiancée Mercedes “MJ” Javid for the interview. MJ said that while she and Tommy, who met on the app Tinder, had talked about marrying, the proposal was a complete surprise.

“Shock. The tears started rolling down his eyes. And then he was on bended knee with, like, basketball tube socks…I had no idea. I did want, we talked about marriage, we talked about it but like we were still barely off the heels of like a Tinder fling. Like, come on.”

Prior to the episode airing, MJ posted a shot of her proposal to her Instagram page. She commented that Tommy definitely surprised her.

On the latest Shahs of Sunset episode, MJ held a re-birthing ceremony at a graveyard to let go of negative things, bury the hatchet on drama and start anew. MJ’s co-stars, as well as Tommy and Vida, sat in the audience. Standing next to a coffin, she threw in things that represented what she didn’t want in her life anymore. She threw in some blush and told Vida, who apparently always tells MJ that she’s either wearing too much or too little blush, that she can’t tell her what to do anymore. MJ then threw in a birth control pack, declaring Tommy as the first man in her life who makes her feel as if she doesn’t need that anymore.

Tommy went up to MJ. He cried as he talked about how much MJ means to him. He said that that the only thing he wants in his life is for her to be in it. He then got down on bended knee and proposed with a diamond ring. MJ immediately said yes.

Not surprisingly, MJ didn’t seem too pleased about the engagement. While MJ’s co-stars showed excitement and screamed in happiness, MJ just looked confused, bewildered and in shock over what she was happening. When Tommy and MJ put on a public display of affection and Tommy fondled MJ’s breast, Vida finally had enough. She yelled at MJ to look at what Tommy was doing and stomped off, yelling that she shouldn’t have come.

A preview for next week’s episode of Shahs of Sunset shows that Mercedes “MJ” Javid will continue to have drama with Vida about Tommy Feight. The clip shows MJ telling Vida to not hurt and insult Tommy because he deserves better. Vida accused MJ of being on his side and forgetting about her. When MJ maintains that she loves Tommy, Vida tells her that he’s not the right person for her. In a confessional interview, MJ implies that she will cut Vida out of her life if she doesn’t change her attitude and behavior towards Tommy.

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