Bastrop, Texas Shooting Kills Four Including A Child Gunman Takes Own Life [Video]

On July 23, five people died in the tiny Texas town of Bastrop, in what authorities are calling a murder-suicide. The Bastrop, Texas shooting resulted in the murders of four people, including a small child. Another child was injured in the Friday shootings, which happened around 30 miles from Austin, Texas. The shooter then took their own life. The injured child was transported to a local hospital with injuries that are not expected to be life-threatening, according to reports.

KVUE News reports that the surviving child involved in the Bastrop, Texas shooting only appears to have suffered minor injuries as a result of the horrific crime. At this point, authorities are not releasing the name of the people involved pending notification of their next of kin.

Local Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office officials, in conjunction with the Texas Rangers, have yet to release a motive for the unthinkable crime. The law enforcement agencies are working closely together to investigate the shooting, and it’s entirely possible that they simply don’t know yet what the shooter’s motive could have been.

Because the perpetrator of the shooting killed himself, and because the only surviving victim of the Bastrop shooting is a child, police are likely having a difficult time getting accurate and/or comprehensive information about the shootings. Despite the lack of an officially recognized motive, however, many instances of murder-suicides have to do with domestic violence situations, often related to custody disputes, separations, and divorces. It is unknown at this time if any of these situations could have been a factor in the Bastrop, Texas shooting.


The Bastrop shooting took place in a residential neighborhood at the Arbors of Bastrop apartments. According to neighbors who witnessed the shooting, it could have been much worse and it’s a miracle that innocent bystanders didn’t become additional victims in the rampage. One neighbor of the as yet publicly identified victims, she that became aware of the shootings when she heard a scream come from her daughter.


Reportedly, the daughter was screaming not because she saw someone get shot or because she heard a gun fire, but rather because bullets (presumably from the Bastrop, Texas shooter’s weapon) were actually flying through the walls of her home. The neighbors, whose home was assailed by stray bullets in the Bastrop shooting, were the ones who notified law enforcement that the crime was taking place.


While officials aren’t confirming much about the victims, perpetrator or motive behind the Bastrop shooting, some news outlets are referring to the incident as a “multi-family shooting,” which is leading some to believe that the murders could have involved a dispute between neighbors.


The Bastrop shooting has garnered significant national and local attention, largely because of the rarity of violent crime in the area. Bastrop, Texas is home to less than 8,000 year-round residents, and Friday’s shooting spree and multiple murders are the first in the Texas town since 2007.

Because the shooter in the Bastrop murder-suicide took their own life, authorities are calling the murders an “isolated incident” and advising the public that there is no further threat. Police are still investigating the crime scene and seeking a motive in the shootings, but they do not believe that any other perpetrators or suspects were or are still involved in the heinous crime.


Late on July 24, local Bastrop authorities have identified the adult victims of Friday’s horrific shooting. The adult victims are Alejandro Martinez, 20-years-old; Erica Rodriguez, 21-years-old; and Paula Nino, 20-years-old, reports KEYE TV. Local media has yet to release the name of the child who was killed in the murders, but according to media reports, the minor victim of the Bastrop, Texas shooting was a 3-year-old boy.


Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Bastrop,Texas Shooting in the coming days and weeks.

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