Donald Trump: His Awkward RNC Hugs Of Ivanka And Melania Decoded By Expert [Video]

Donald Trump spawned a lot of gossip and almost infinite headlines during the Republican National Convention. However, few of the things Donald said and did at the event were quite as bizarre as the hugs he meted out to his wife and daughter. Donald Trump’s post-acceptance speech hug of Melania Trump and post-introduction hug of Ivanka Trump (wife and daughter, respectively) were so strange and seemingly out of place that they sent social media into a frenzy.

Indeed, the awkward hugs were so weird that even body language expert Patti Wood spoke out on the incident, which took place on Thursday, July 21, reports US Weekly.

The Donald Trump hugs in question took place around the time of Donald’s lengthy acceptance speech at the end of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Following his nearly one and a quarter hour-long speech, Donald Trump invited his family to join him on stage and share in his glory. That was when Donald Trump hugged Melania, his wife (who has been accused of lifting a 2008 speech from Michelle Obama). Trump greeted his beautiful and much younger wife with dry cheek kisses and his “hug” was really nothing more than a dual arm grab that brought to mind formal ballroom dance lessons.

According the body language expert Wood, the hug between Donald and Melania Trump was truly “odd.” Wood says that the bizarre embrace between the couple can’t even be classified a a “real hug.” Especially when one factors in that the interaction was taking place between a married couple.

“That was not even a real hug. He held both her arms, cupping his hands around her forearms to keep her at a certain distance from him. She also didn’t go in close. There was no heart-to-heart contact. There was no pelvis-to-pelvis contact. That was really odd. There was no real warmth.”

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Even worse than the lack of affection and warmth witnessed in Donald Trump’s embrace was the fact that the body language expert says that his “arm shakes” were not intended as a greeting, but rather to “assert his dominance” over his wife.

While Donald Trump’s hug with Melania (his wife) seemed to be concerning to the body language expert, it had nothing on the hug that took place between Trump and his daughter, Ivanka. In fact, Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention hug of his adult daughter actually crossed the line between “bizarre” and “disturbing” for many of the people who witnessed it.


Ivanka Trump had the honor of introducing her famous, former-reality TV star dad following his official Republican presidential nomination. When Trump met up with his daughter on the RNC stage, their interaction was much warmer than what took place between Donald and Melania Trump. Witnesses across the country called the hug a “grope,” and according to body language expert Patti Wood, Donald Trump’s hand placement when he touched his daughter was definitely inappropriate.


When the pair embraced for the world to see, their interaction began with Donald kissing his daughter’s cheeks. Then, things got really weird when he put his hands on her lower hips, almost touching her bottom.

“He patted her in a sexually dismissive way. That repetitive pat with open hands on that location is usually a set of body language cues to say, ‘The sex with you, it was good,’ or, ‘That was fun sexual play.’ I want to be clear that is not even a pat you would give to a child under the age of 5. You would pat them higher up on the back.”

The bizarre hugs between Donald Trump and his latest wife and oldest daughter were broadcast around the nation and around the globe, and almost immediately they caused people to take to social media to speculate on what the body language could possibly mean. What are your feelings regarding the odd Donald Trump Republican National Convention hugs?

[Image via Andrew Cline/Shutterstock]