‘Conan’ Releases Young Han Solo Audition Tapes Featuring Melissa McCarthy, Adam Sandler, 50 Cent, And More [Video]

The casting of the young Han Solo got many people speculating on who will get the coveted role. While Alden Ehrenreich ultimately won the role to play the iconic Star Wars character in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film, competition among actors was pretty tense, as Conan O’Brien wants people to know.

The late night show aired a batch of fake audition tapes on his TBS Conan show over the weekend. The video clips show many Hollywood actors trying to nail their Han Solo auditions, with less than stellar results.


Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader is the first actor in the video clip. Hader, who helped voice BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, does multiple impressions that include how Jabba the Hutt would act when he was younger.

Will Arnett is the next actor to do his audition. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actor tries different approaches on how he would play Han Solo, including lowering his voice to mimic Christian Bale’s Batman character.

Melissa McCarthy is the first actress to audition for the young Han Solo. She dresses up in Han Solo’s famous black and white outfit and finishes her look with an ill-fitted wig. When the casting director asks if the actress has ever seen Star Wars, McCarthy responds that she’s seen some of it before describing parts of Harry Potter.


Next to audition is Canadian actor Thomas Middleditch, who starts off his audition by tripping over one of the equipment pieces. At one point, the Silicon Valley actor is questioning on why he has a lightsaber on his belt and he keeps mispronouncing Han, which gets him riled up when the casting director keeps correcting him.

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster also appears on the Han Solo audition tape. When the casting director asks for her name, Foster responds with a sarcastic, “Really?” before announcing her name as “Jodie F**** Foster,” and giving her best Han Solo impression.


Adam Sandler comes after Foster to try to impress the casting director. Sandler dons the Han Solo outfit and a bad wig while saying his Han Solo lines in his Billy Madison character.

Comedian-actor Kumail Nanjiani tries to audition as a Pakistani Han Solo. The Silicon Valley actor’s audition includes trying to replicate Solo’s “never tell me the odds” famous line while interacting with the casting director.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is next to audition; he first appears in a formal suit before changing into a Han Solo outfit with his own ill-fitted wig. He also does his version of “never tell me the odds” lines while incorrectly holding his prop gun several times while trying to win over the casting director.

Independence Day: Resurgence star Jeff Goldblum also appears on the audition and makes sure that he’s auditioning for the “young Han Solo,” even though Goldblum is 63-years-old. He doesn’t dress up as Han Solo and says his lines in a monotone voice, but he promises that if he wins the part, he will do better research on the character and the whole Star Wars series.

The rest of Melissa McCarthy’s audition shows up in the end, and she’s still not familiar with Han Solo’s character. The Ghostbusters’ star says her lines while wielding an orange lightsaber before the casting director tells her that Solo doesn’t use one, but McCarthy doesn’t care. When the casting director is unimpressed with McCarthy’s audition, she tells him that he sucks and she throws a tantrum by tearing the background setting apart.

Conan O’Brien had been hosting his late night show in San Diego in honor of San Diego Comic-Con. O’Brien had many Comic-Con special guests appear on his show, along with starting his hashtag called the “ConanCon.”


[Image via Team Coco/YouTube]