‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From July 24 Episode, New HOH Takes Charge In ‘BB18’ House, Week 5 Nominations Revealed [Spoilers]

This July 24 Big Brother 18 recap covers the latest Head of Household competition. The BB18 house also had its nomination ceremony, which closed out this episode by providing some more fireworks. The latest episode of the show was aired by CBS on Sunday, July 24 at 8 p.m. PT/ET. It picked up immediately after Victor Arroyo won the Battle Back competition and showed how the houseguests reacted to him getting back in the game.

Before viewers got any new footage, the latest Big Brother 18 episode had to provide a recap of its own. Moments from previous episodes were shown that included Tiffany Rousso getting evicted, host Julie Chen telling houseguests that teams were removed from the game, and the Roadkill competition getting brought to an end. With that, it was time to see how excited everyone pretended to be as Victor walked back in the front door.

Some Diary Room sessions were shown, with Michelle Meyer worrying about what just happened, Paul Abrahamian talking about how it might be bad that Victor is back, and Paulie Calafiore seeing it as a worst-case scenario for people who could have returned. Victor also spoke about how he was planning to approach the game differently this time, something that viewers of the CBS live feeds have already noted. Whether that will actually be the case is a question to be answered at a later time.

Elsewhere, Da’Vonne Rogers tells a group of people she wants Frank Eudy out next, which Nicole Franzel then tells Frank on the very next clip. Frank lets Nicole know that he wants Da’Vonne out next as well, which pretty much takes the target off of Victor being at risk this week. Paulie Calafiore also begins negotiating a way to get Frank or Bridgette Dunning out this week, feeling that it is now time to get them out of the game. Frank pulled Victor aside to try to work with him, but after that conversation, Paul Abrahamian convinced Victor he should not work with Frank.

This July 24 Big Brother 18 recap now heads to the Head of Household competition. The competition involved standing on a platform with one hand raised while ropes were moving toward the legs of the houseguests. They had to step over them while keeping the arm raised, which was attached to a confetti rope. The object was to simply be the last houseguest remaining.

Paulie Abrahamian was out after 23 minutes, and then Nicole Franzel was out second at 79 minutes. That’s a long time for anyone to keep an arm extended in the air. Zakiyah Everette fell off at about 100 minutes, and then Michelle Meyer was out at 109 minutes. Corey Brooks fell off after 161 minutes, and then Victor Arroyo fell at about 162 minutes as he was reaching for a water bottle. Frank Eudy was goofing around and went down at 166 minutes. Natalie Negrotti was the next to fall at 244 minutes, and then the negotiating began.

At about the six-hour mark, James Huling, Bridgette Dunning, and Da’Vonne Rogers were the only three people left in the competition. Frank went up to Da’Vonne to convince her to drop, and she agreed to do it if Frank told her who had said that Da’Vonne was targeting him for eviction. It was Nicole Franzel, and Frank told that to Da’Vonne. She then backed out of her deal to remain in the competition. Then Da’Vonne asked Nicole about it and Nicole lied, but it was clear to everyone in the BB18 house she has been caught.

Once James Huling promised to not put up Bridgette and Da’Vonne as nominees, the ladies agreed to drop out of the conversation. The HOH endurance competition latest more than six hours, making it one of the longest competitions in the history of the series. Immediately after James won, he finally got that first kiss from Natalie Negrotti.

As the latest Big Brother 18 episode continued, the negotiating began in the house again. Nicole Franzel had her moment on camera where she stated that she would never trust Frank Eudy again. It was then that a lot of conspiring against Frank and Bridgette Dunning began. Victor Arroyo suddenly realized he could lay low and escape the week. When it came to the Week 5 nomination ceremony, James Huling nominated Frank and Bridgette for eviction, going back on his agreement to protect her as he caved to the requests from many people in the BB18 house.

For fans of the show who are interested in learning how the Veto competition turned out, a previous report by the Inquisitr covers of these Big Brother 18 spoilers. It also reveals a bit more about the Secret Room and how a fan cracked the code before anyone in the BB18 house. The Veto competition and the Veto ceremony will be shown during the episode on Wednesday, July 27, and then the next eviction will take place on Thursday, July 28.

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