Rape And Torture In Turkey: Reports That Failed Coup Supporters Are Being Brutalized [Video]

According to Amnesty International, rape and torture among dissidents arrested after the failed Turkey coup attempts are rampant. The group claims to have complied “credible evidence” that most of the thousands of military prisoners who participated in the failed Turkey coup are being held without charges, being kept away from attorneys and family members, and otherwise being severely tortured.

RT reports that rape and torture in Turkey are being used as weapons of control against coup participants and even individuals who have simply been accused of participating in the failed Turkey coup. Many detainees are being held in unofficial jails and detention centers, with some of the facilities being described as stables intended for animals. Many photographs and videos that appear to show the torture of Turkey detainees have been released publicly. Some show prisoners stripped down to their undergarments and almost stacked on top of each other in crowded rooms.

Amnesty International has posted a full statement of their allegations of human rights violations against the regime in Turkey on their website. The human rights watchdog group, which alleges rape and torture in Turkey, says that many of the tens of thousands of political prisoners in the country have no idea what they are being detained for. Some of the current detainees include formerly-respected judges, three of which Amnesty International claims are being held in courthouse corridors.

Just last week, President Recep Erdogan shocked the world and compromised the country’s proposed joining of the European Union when he announced that Turkey wouldn’t rule out the death penalty for the thousands of prisoners who allegedly participated in the failed Turkey coup.

Turkey hasn’t utilized the death penalty for a decade, and the E.U. says that if political prisoners are put to death, Turkey’s dreams of joining the union will be finished. According to the president of Turkey, the prisoners committed treason and, as such, are subject to die for their crimes.

Amnesty International also claims to have uncovered “extremely alarming accounts of torture and other ill-treatment of detainees.” According to the group, they compiled the evidence from physicians, attorneys, and detention facility sources. The human rights group says that prisoners in Turkey have been subjected to starvation, denied water, been beaten, tortured, and even been forced to endure sexual assault and rape.

In one such incident of torture, a Turkey detainee was reportedly so badly beaten by presidential administration-sanctioned police that the physical abuse resulted in “severe wounds.” Despite being unable to stand and eventually losing consciousness, police in Turkey refused to allow the prisoner (whose treatment was reportedly tantamount with torture) to receive medical care.

“Let him die. We will say he came to us dead.”

The reason behind some of the torture, beating, and rape of prisoners is that government goons wanted to “make them [the prisoners] talk.”

Reportedly, some of the worst victims of the systematic torture and rape of prisoners in Turkey following the failed coup are those who previously had high-ranking government and military positions. Thousands of such individuals are currently being detained in Turkey, and at least two attorneys in Ankara claimed to have witnessed high-level military officers being subjected to object and/or digit rape at the hands of police officers.

Over 10 lawyers have come forward to report the rape and torture of their clients to Amnesty International. Each lawyer is representing up to 18 of Turkey’s political prisoners.

According to the lawyers, who haven’t been publicly named by RT, the torture among Turkey detainees is extreme. Some have been starved and deprived water for days, and several have even attempted to kill themselves to free themselves from the unbearable conditions.

“Reports of abuse including beatings and rape in detention are extremely alarming, especially given the scale of detentions that we have seen in the past week. The grim details that we have documented are just a snapshot of the abuses that might be happening in places of detention. It is absolutely imperative that the Turkish authorities halt these abhorrent practices and allow international monitors to visit all these detainees in the places they are being held failing to condemn ill-treatment or torture in these circumstances is tantamount to condoning it.”

So far, the U.S., the U.N, NATO, and the E.U. have yet to comment on the reported rape and torture taking place on an extremely large scale in Turkey.

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