October 17, 2017
Niall Horan Owns A Haunted House: Could Harry Styles Be His Ghostbuster?

Niall Horan has reportedly purchased a Los Angeles home that's right around the corner from a property owned by Robert Pattinson and Justin Timberlake, but it's not sparkly vampires or trolls with rainbow-colored hair that the One Direction star needs to worry about. According to a recent report, Niall's new home is haunted by the ghost of a Hollywood starlet who died there under mysterious circumstances.

According to the Sun, Niall Horan dropped $4 million on a Hollywood Hills home that once owned by Gia Scala, a troubled actress who dated Steve McQueen and starred alongside Gregory Peck and David Niven in the 1961 movie The Guns of Navarone (1961). The starlet perished in the five-room home four decades ago, and it's said that her spirit haunts the residence.

Gia's death was initially ruled as an overdose on sleeping pills and alcohol, but this didn't explain some of the evidence found at the scene of her death; her naked body was badly bruised all over, and there was blood on her pillow. According to Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen, Gia's sister suspected that there was foul play involved in her death. The actress reportedly attempted suicide at least two times, once by taking roach poison and once by trying to leap from a bridge (a taxi driver stopped her).

One of the former residents of Niall Horan's new home, Jack Krane, told the Sun that he believes the rumors that the house is haunted by the unhappy ghost of Gia Scala.

"I always asked if someone died in one of these houses, and my parents said no," Krane said. "I have always felt something strange. That house is haunted, for sure. I've had a few ghost stories over there. It's creepy."

Jack Krane's parents, who are former owners of the house, are M*A*S*H actress Sally Kellerman and movie producer Jonathan D. Krane. Kellerman has actually appeared on the reality series Celebrity Ghost Stories to talk about her most memorable paranormal experience, but her spooky story won't help Niall Horan learn anything about the spirit of Gia Scala. In Sally Kellerman's tale of terror, she was haunted by a different actress, her Reform School Girl (1957) co-star Luana Anders.

Like Kellerman and her son, Niall Horan believes in ghosts. During a 2014 concert Q&A with One Direction fans, the Irish singer revealed that he saw a freaky, fashionable phantom when he was sharing a London flat with 1D bandates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne.

"In our old apartment, in the living room, there was stairs and a kitchen and I used to see an old man walk past, with like a top hat and a long coat. It was like a silhouette," Niall said, according to Unreality TV.

If Niall Horan sees any apparitions in his new home, he might want to give Harry Styles a call; Harry actually has a little ghost-busting experience. According to Yvette Fielding, the host of the British ghost-hunting shows Ghosthunting With... and Most Haunted, Harry used to "hunt ghosts in her back garden" using a night vision camera. The future star was pals with Fielding's son when he was 11-years-old, and he was reportedly very interested in the spirit world.

"He's a believer, he's really interested in the paranormal," Fielding said. "He used to come around the house and ask me all these questions about my work and what I'd seen."

In 2012, the Sun reported that Harry Styles risked finally finding one of those phantoms that he searched so hard for as a young lad when he purchased a four-bedroom flat in London. It was allegedly haunted by the spirit of Dick Turpin, a highwayman who terrorized the area in the 1700s.

One Direction boss Simon Cowell also believes in ghosts. He thinks that he and Louis Tomlinson were haunted by one last year when they were filming The X Factor at Simon's Judge's House. According to the Mirror, a pale figure was spotted walking past one of the old French castle's windows, TV monitors started flickering on and off, and a bolted window opened of its own accord.

"I know it's haunted. I saw it," Simon said of the pesky poltergeist that spooked the X Factor contestants and crew.

Niall Horan hasn't moved into his new home yet, so it remains to be seen if he gets haunted by the specter of Gia Scala.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]