Ariana Grande Denied White House Appearance Over Doughnutgate [Video]

Ariana Grande’s unbelievably spoiled, entitled behavior last year may have cost her a gig at the White House. The news broke amid the Wikileaks Democratic email fallout in which thousands of DNC emails were released to the public. If you recall, Ariana Grande made news last year when video surfaced of her licking an unsecured doughnut on the counter of a California bakery. As Fox News reports, the disgusting incident did way more than cost the singer her reputation and force her into a tearful (and some say very forced) apology. It also appears that the so-called Doughnutgate situation also left Ariana Grande’s White House aspirations out in the cold.


When Ariana was publicly called out by TMZ(which released the surveillance video that captured Ariana Grande grossly tampering with food), she was also recorded saying “I hate America” and “I hate Americans.” Even her most die-hard fans were largely put off by her inexplicable words and actions, and she soon found herself cut from a headlining spot at a Budweiser music festival.

Reps for Grande claimed that she was replaced for health reasons.

In the midst of months of career-influencing fallout, Ariana Grande eventually managed to put together an extremely tearful (and many say forced and staged) recorded apology that was mostly directed to her fans. She’d previously tried to tell the world that her, “I hate America” comments were related to the nation’s obesity epidemic and not the U.S. itself, but it didn’t really fly.

In her recorded video apology, Ariana Grande apologized for both her words and her actions, as well as for disappointing her loyal fans. She never really explained what compelled her to lick a doughnut that someone else would presumably unsuspectingly buy and eat, but she did say she was sorry and that she’d learned from her mistakes and had no plans for more wayward doughnuts in the future.

All in all, it appeared that Ariana was able to put her doughnut-licking days behind her.


However, as part of the Wikileaks DNC email dump, it was made public that the fallout from Doughnut gate went a lot further for Ariana Grande than making a forced public apology.

One of the leaked DNC email conversations involved a discussion regarding whether Ariana Grande should be allowed to strut her stuff at a White House gala in 2015. The exchange took place just months after Grande grossed out the world with her doughnut-licking incident caught on tape. The now-public email exchange shows that the White House was very concerned about the singer’s anti-American sentiment, which was also caught on the doughnut-licking tape.

The email chain, which has now been made publicly available, demonstrates that an Obama Administration official wanted Ariana Grande (birth name Ariana Butera) vetted in order to give a “performance for POTUS.” According to the White House, Ariana Grande’s words and actions made such a vetting impossible.

The crux of the case against Grande was made by an unnamed DNC staffer, who put things very succinctly for his part in the emails.

“Ariana Butera-video caught her licking other peoples’ doughnuts while saying she hates America. Republican congressman used this video and said it was a double standard that liberals were not upset with her like they are with Trump who criticized Mexicans.”

Now Ariana Grande can officially add to her list of career accomplishments that the White House compared her to Donald Trump. That’s something.

Ultimately, the White House’s decision regarding an Ariana Grande boiled down to two simple words.

“Nope, sorry.”

What do you think? Was the Obama Administration correct in keeping Grande away from the POTUS? Was a political ban going too far after Doughnutgate? Do you even care about Ariana Grande and her failed White House vetting?

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