‘Star Trek Beyond’ Review: Is It Worth Seeing? [No Spoilers]

Star Trek Beyond debuted at the box office this weekend and landed the No. 1 spot with $59.6 million. The Secret Life of Pets came in at second place, and Ghostbusters came in third. Anticipation for the third film with Captain Kirk and his crew wasn’t quite as high as it was for Into Darkness, yet theaters filled with fans anyhow.

Some fans weren’t enthusiastic at all about Star Trek Beyond due to the bitter disappointment they experienced after watching Star Trek Into Darkness. Why the hate for Into Darkness? Many fans felt it was a weak follow-up to the first Star Trek reboot, which came out in 2009, not to mention anger over Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan. The older generation of Trekkies was aghast because to them, no one could replace the original actor who played Khan, the late Ricardo Montalban, and they’re right.

However, The Wrath of Khan and Into Darkness can’t be compared. What producer J.J. Abrams did was create an entirely new timeline, which, in turn, created endless possibilities for new stories to be told. Abrams took the characters we love from the original TV series and gave them new adventures to embark on without taking away everything that had happened before. The rebooted Star Trek films take place in an alternate reality that may not be satisfying to all Trekkies but will be to some.

Abrams also introduced a new generation to the beloved franchise while also giving those who grew up with Star Trek from the beginning a sense of familiarity and keeping the best-loved aspects of the characters. This brings us to Star Trek Beyond and the direction it has taken the rebooted films.

To summarize Star Trek Beyond briefly, Kirk and his crew explore space farther than they ever have before. After the USS Enterprise crash-lands, the crew finds themselves split up. This is where the film gets interesting because the characters who find themselves together searching for the others have interesting dynamics going on between them.

Some of the best scenes are with Spock and McCoy, and the dialogue between them stands out as some of the most humorous exchanges they’ve ever had. Audiences will also note that McCoy’s character is much more developed than he was in the first two films combined.

What’s a shame, however, is that Uhura and Chekov aren’t as developed as they could be. More glimpses are given into Chekov’s personality than in the previous two Star Trek movies, but audiences will be likely be left wanting more. Sadly, with the untimely death of Chekov’s portrayer, Anton Yelchin, this won’t be possible.

There was some buzz shortly before Star Trek Beyond opened concerning Sulu’s portrayal as a gay character with a husband and daughter waiting for him to come home. There was also talk of a kissing scene that ended up being cut from the film. It would have been better to develop his character with more than just a scene or two with his family. The character is well-loved, and fans want more personality for him. Sulu shouldn’t be treated as a minor character.

Scotty and the new character, Jaylah, are a lot of fun to watch together. Jaylah is tough and has survived what many others were not able to live through. She’s a survivor with ingenuity and some major fighting skills. Scotty brings his crackling wit and humor to the screen.

Kirk’s character is given a softer side when he remembers his late father and contemplates whether or not his life is becoming “episodic.” He’s bold and brave without chasing the ladies this time around.

As for the enemy Kirk and his crew face, Idris Elba ups the ante with his turn as Krall. One of the most shiver-inducing villains introduced in Abrams’ alternate reality, Elba effortlessly plays up the desperation and anger his character holds for the Federation.

In case you’re wondering, there are plans for a fourth Star Trek film as of this very moment. J.J. Abrams said there is already a story shaping up for Star Trek 4 that’s “incredibly exciting,” Comic Book Resources reports. Paramount Pictures teases the film will have “surprising returns” and “regrettable goodbyes.”

What did you think of Star Trek Beyond, and do you plan on seeing the fourth film?

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