Joe Budden Entertains The Internet By Running Up On 2 Guys With Rocks [Video]

Joe Budden has a name that has filled quite a few entertainment reports lately, with his name currently trending hard on Twitter. The latest buzz around Joe involves an odd video, as seen below, which features Budden not reacting kindly to at least a couple of guys who showed up to taunt him because of his current drama with Drake or because they simply recognized him and repeated his name.

“That’s Joe Budden. That’s Joe Budden.”

While the person speaking in the below first video sounds excited to see Budden in his white car, the excitement turns to fear once Joe exits the car and approaches the men. Budden bangs on the car with rocks that can be visibly seen in his hand as he threatens to hurt the men while they apologize and alternately claim it wasn’t them.

[Photo by Brandon Wade/AP Images for Fuse]

Warning: The below videos contain language that might be upsetting to some viewers.


In the viral videos, Budden can be heard telling the men that playing internet games will get “these n***** killed.”

As Budden taps with several rocks atop the men’s car, they apologize as one of them begs the driver to back up the car away from Joe. Meanwhile, Budden very clearly warns the men that they will get hurt or killed if they show up at Budden’s place once more.

“Come on this block again and I will kill one of you. This is not the Internet.”

It’s a threat that those thinking of approaching Budden might want to heed. When Joe appeared with Kaylin Garcia on Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, a big storyline of their relationship involved Joe’s warrant related to a domestic abuse case, as reported by VH1.

On the show, Kaylin expressed her troubles in her relationship with Joe, who did not admit to any domestic abuse. Meanwhile, others in the house went to Google to discover photos of bruises that an ex-girlfriend claimed Joe caused.

According to Wet Paint, Garcia claimed that filming her relationship with Budden via the reality TV show was an event that sent her into a deep depression as the couple tried to figure out their on-again-off-again relationship. Having met Joe when she was only 19, Kaylin experienced a very emotional time upon watching Budden propose marriage to a different woman on their other reality TV show, Love & Hip Hop.

Garcia revealed that her troubled union with Joe reminded her of the abusive relationship that Kaylin’s own parents shared. Garcia found a sense of her own inner strength as the details of her relationship with Joe became public.

joe budden
[Brandon Wade/AP Images for Fuse]

Meanwhile, people on social media are creating all sorts of memes making fun of the way Budden ran up on the guys in the car. With Joe having donned a white tank top — known as a “wife beater” — with holes in it, all the while grabbing onto rocks, the video provided lots of entertainment for social network viewers.


Certain individuals are creating memes that joke about Drake’s likely reaction to watching Budden’s viral video. Some of the memes claim that Drake is gaining plenty of lyrics for his next “diss track” by watching the melee surrounding Joe. Others show Drake with a worried look on his face as a likely reaction to viewing Budden’s wild antics.

More of the reactions to Joe’s video can be read below.

“Those kids that ran up on Joe Budden were stupid. Social media got people so detached from reality they think they can’t get dealt with.”

“Fabolous gonna be the first rapper to use the Joe Budden/Rocks in the hand line I bet any amount of money on it.”

[Photo by Brandon Wade/AP Images]