#TwinksForTrump: LGBTQ Community Commemorates RNC, Did They Succeed Or Were They Just Harassed?

Donald Trump had this mixed comments about the LGBTQ community. However, even if the majority of his sentiments are against this minority, it seems that he still got his own set of supporters.

Photographer Lucian Wintrich initiated this #TwinksForTrump rally by creating a photo series of him and other gay men advocating for the republican.

Last week, they held their own convention to show the support of their community to Donald Trump. The big question is, were they able to open the republican conservatives to welcome them in the party or were they just exposed to more online harassment?

According to The Gateway Pundit, it was the other way around. #TwinksForTrump showed great promise. Even Dutch politician Geert Wilders attended the event together with anti-Islamist leader Pamela Geller and Brit icon Milo Yiannopoulos. The event has been successful.


The event space was beautifully concocted with #TwinksForTrumps portraits captured by Wintrich, according to Village Voice. The invites were also fabulous, and the party did not disappoint. Though everyone had a wonderful time, the leaders at the event took the opportunity to discuss more serious matters.

Jim Hoft spoke about how Donald Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton since he is “a better friend to the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton could ever be.”

Geert Wilders, on the other hand, spoke about the massive surge of Islam in the west. Speaking about the numerous attacks that happened in the U.S. and in Europe, Wilders told the audience to get rid of their political correctness and face reality.

“Anywhere in the west, if you allow Islam to be planted on your soil, don’t be surprised that you will harvest Sharia law. Because Islam and Sharia law is exactly the same…. Sharia law means terror.”

Pamela Geller was a shining face in the event as well. She called out the Democrats’ limited action for the LGBT community.

“That’s not gay rights in the 21st century. Gay rights in the 21st century is the persecution, oppression, execution of gays living in Muslim countries under the Sharia. The gay rights movement and the fight against the Muslim threat are one and the same,” she said. “What greater threat is there to the gay community than Islamic law?”


Milo supported Geller’s claims, but he also talked about the massive “fakeness” of Hollywood celebrities he claim to be “brain-dead.” Here, he spoke about the big issue on gun rights policy,

“I still don’t see the reason why the left-wing press mollycoddles and panders to an ideology that wants me dead. I don’t understand why brain-dead celebrities tweet out messages of hope and love…. That’s not going to save you when someone has an AK-47 pointed at you. What’s going to save you is having your own.


The Night Would Not End Without Backlash

Though the leaders and the audiences had great points that could bring light to the acceptance of the LGBTQ community, they still received negative feedback.

The very first question about their support for Donald Trump is the hidden motive.

According to Romper, there are more than 1o times Donald Trump publicly dismissed the gay community. Speaking with Fox News, Trump said that he would “strongly consider” appointing a Supreme Court justice that could overturn the same-sex marriage ruling.

He even told Bloomberg that he has been “against (gay marriage) from the standpoint of the Bible” since the very beginning


[Photo via Twinks for Trump/Twitter]