Netflix: 10 Amazing Categories You Didn’t Know Existed — Updated List of ‘Secret’ Netflix Codes

Netflix has taken the world by storm and has revolutionized the way audiences watch TV shows and movies. Each month, viewers are entertained by a vast library, and new titles are constantly being added. Whether a user is watching Netflix on their phone, computer, or smart TV, when a viewer is on the homepage of Netflix, they are provided a list of recommended shows and movies to watch.

The categories Netflix provides are usually the common ones like horror, comedy, drama, and action, among others. Each category has a specific ID code, for instance the thriller category code is 8933, as seen on the link The code always follows the end of the link ( In addition to the common categories Netflix provides, there are literally thousands of other categories and codes that are beneficial to know. For example, the code for the category “Movies starring Meryl Streep” is 8330, or Some of these categories are briefly featured on Netflix to only disappear from the main menu, but this list of codes will help retrieve those categories.

Learning how to find and navigate these codes can also help viewers find a movie in the specific genre they are in the mood for by searching broader categories specific to their needs. Through the thousands of categories that can be found within these codes, here are 10 that are sure to please Netflix members, and some of them include recommendations.

secret codes Netflix Movies and categories have secret codes to reveal more categories that features movies like big trouble in little china

Campy Comedies from the 1980s — Code 540

The pop culture of the 1980s is always a popular topic in modern life today, and nostalgia for movies from this era is no exception. Movies like Big Trouble in Little China and Hairspray can be found in this category.

Critically-Acclaimed Adventures From The 1980s — Code 1359

Wine & Beverage Appreciation — Code 1458

Foodies and wine lovers will adore this category, which provides entertaining documentaries and compelling movies. Most Netflix viewers may be aware that the Anthony Bourdain show The Layover is available to stream, but some may have missed the Olivia Wilde movie Drinking Buddies. The movie co-stars Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson and is rated four out of five stars.

Independent Movies About Food — Code 852

One more for the foodies! Currently, Netflix members will find a gem of a movie in this category titled The Trip. This film has been called hilarious and laugh-out-loud funny by many critics and has a score of 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Feel-Food Sports Movies For Ages 8 To 10 — Code 855

Chinese Horror Movies — Code 2231

It’s no secret to horror fans that Asian horror movies can be downright scary and have influenced Hollywood. Often these movies are redone and become Hollywood blockbusters. Currently in this category, horror fans can treat themselves to Out of the Dark. The Netflix synopsis of this movie describes it as goofy, scary, and dark.

“When the ghost of a man’s murdered mother returns to haunt him and his wife, the spooked couple turns to a deranged wannabe hit man for help.”

Visually-Striking Mind-Bending Dramas — Code 264

Quirky Crime Movies Based On Books — Code 1529

This very specific category may not have many titles within it, but it does feature the 2011 movie Jackpot. Netflix describes this movie as quirky, irreverent, and suspenseful. The synopsis is as intriguing as the movie and well worth the watch.

“Suspected of murder by the police, Oscar Svendson tries to prove his innocence with the tale of a huge lottery win that went very wrong.”

Cerebral Dramas Of The 1970s — Code 1106


Imaginative Independent Dramas — Code 293

This category usually has a good selection to choose from, including Synchronicity and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

A few sites have compiled a list of Netflix codes, and What’s on Netflix provides thousands of them as well as a powerful search engine to sift through them. Often, these categories disappear on Netflix when there are no movies to show within them, but they are later updated when movies arrive that fit those categories. While many viewers have complained that there are not enough categories in Netflix, others have discovered the secret list of codes that provides them with more movies and shows than they will ever have time to watch.

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