Dallas Cowboys Tour Bus Crashes With Van — 4 Dead In Arizona Accident [Breaking]

According to KTNV, there has been a tragic bus crash involving the Dallas Cowboys tour bus and a different vehicle listed as a van. The accident has left four people dead — and took place approximately 28 miles north of Kingman, Arizona. Kingman is a city with a population of about 30,000 people located in the county seat of Mohave County, Arizona. Other reports cited below say that the bus crash was near Bullhead City in Arizona — with reports that the four people who died were passengers in the van and that there were no injuries from folks on the Dallas Cowboys tour bus.

As reported by Las Vegas Now, which has a photo of the Dallas Cowboys tour bus, the sportswriter for the Dallas Cowboys named Mickey Spagnola informed the press that the team bus had been involved in the accident on U.S. Highway 93.

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The Dallas Cowboys tour bus accident was fatal — with multiple reports confirming that no one on the tour bus was injured. According to KTNV, the four victims who lost their lives in the collision with the Dallas Cowboys tour bus were all passengers in the van.

The Dallas Cowboys were preparing to show up for an appearance in Las Vegas, reports CBS;, however, only Dallas Cowboys staff members were on the tour bus involved in the fatal accident. The Cowboys are in their pre-season training period, and the Las Vegas meet-and-greet was scheduled to take place at GameWorks at Town Square Las Vegas prior to the Cowboys arriving at their training camp in California.

The collision happened in the northwestern section of Arizona on Sunday afternoon, with more details flowing in about the crash as they become available.

The Dallas Cowboys bus crash happened near mile-marker 42 or Pierce Ferry Road — and caused one lane of the highway to be blocked for a period of time. Pierce Ferry Road is one that leads to Dolan Springs.

On social media, reports about the accident are being published, along with photos of the Dallas Cowboys tour bus after the crash. According to the below Twitter user named Edgar Burrola, the van that was hit by the Dallas Cowboys bus experienced near-complete devastation.

Other photos appearing online of the Dallas Cowboys bus show that quite a bit of damage that appears to be visible on the front right side of the Dallas Cowboys bus, although some of the photos were taken from a vantage point far away from the bus.

As of this writing, the official Twitter account of the Dallas Cowboys has not made a statement about the four people who have been confirmed dead by authorities in the crash with the Dallas Cowboys bus.

As reported by Brittany Edney, a CBS News reporter, one of the staff members from the Dallas Cowboys staff reported that the tour bus driver tried everything in his power to prevent the bus from rolling over.

According to Twitter user the Dallas Cowboys tour bus experienced damage in the front of the bus, with the other vehicle having potentially rolled over as a result of the accident.

“The front of the bus was crushed and whatever it was involved with had rolled over. Surrounded by Arizona highway patrol.”

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Meanwhile, well-wishes began flowing into Twitter, prior to the news about the four deaths being released. Even more tweets appeared after news of the tragic deaths.

“Mickey, is everyone okay. Is that bus crash involved with you all or the Cowboys. I hope you and everyone are okay.”

“Prayers for the Dallas Cowboys and their team as they go through this tough time!

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