Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock Is Stranger Than Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals at the Comic-Con 2016 that one, he thinks Sherlock Holmes is a lot more stranger than Doctor Strange; and two, that Doctor Strange is more important than the Avengers.

Well apparently, Doctor Strange is not quite as strange as his title makes him to be. Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor playing Doctor Strange in upcoming Doctor Strange movie, reveals at the Doctor Strange panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 that if you want strange, the place you look is 221 B Baker Street.

There have been some parallels with the characters than Cumberbatch plays and of course, one can’t help but put Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes beside each other. When Cumberbatch was asked at the Comic-Con 2016 panel whether he thinks playing the character of Sherlock Holmes for BBC’s much-loved TV series has prepared him for his role as Doctor Strange, he responds, “No, not really. Dr. Strange is…”

“Strange?” Mark Gatiss continues for him. Benedict Cumberbatch disagrees.

“No, no. Sherlock is a lot more effing strange than Strange, strangely enough. I think that’s the difference: Strange is fully humanised. He does seek control through the perfection of his work.”

“He’s a workaholic, but he does have emotional ties and relationships. He’s a man of the sensory world, and Sherlock certainly is trying to curtail those appetites to concentrate on being the best consulting detective in the world.”

BBC’s Sherlock Holmes features, by far, the strangest and craziest Sherlock Holmes in the different forms the character has taken since Conan Doyle’s book. In fact, BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, played by Cumberbatch, resembles very little humanity in him especially during the onset of the series.

If you think Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes has a lot in common, not too much, actually. Culturally, too, Cumberbatch is approaching Doctor Strange and Holmes differently.

“And culturally they’re utterly different. One’s very English, one’s very American.”

Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes both just came out with new trailers at the Comic-Con 2016. Doctor Strange‘s second trailer shows the new Marvel character mastering his magical powers, donning his red cape. The new trailer also offers a bit of humor going into the film with “it’s the wifi password, we are not savages.”

Watch the new Doctor Strange trailer below, if you haven’t yet. Doctor Strange is out in theaters November 4.

With Benedict Cumberbatch now left with more time after the shoot for Doctor Strange, the actor can now come back to making Season 4 of Sherlock Holmes. We have been waiting a long time (too, long if you ask us!) for Sherlock Holmes to come back to the screen so fans are rejoicing that the Comic-Con 2016 came with news and new footage of Season 4.

Cumberbatch reveals at the Comic-Con 2016 panel that they have two more weeks to finish Sherlock Holmes, and the actor notes that this season will not only be very interesting but very dark as well.

“There’s an evolution to all the characters. There’s a lot of that in the new season… A lot of things come home to roost. It’s the thing of what’s familiar, and it’s the thing of what confounds expectations.”

“It’s a genuine rollercoaster. The learning curve is massive — with jokes! There are some great jokes. But there are quite a few tears.”

Season 4 is going to get really dark, with Mrs. Hudson even getting her serious face on. It looks like there will be a lot of action and explosions to look forward to, literally and metaphorically.

Get a first look at the Season 4 of Sherlock Holmes below.

Sherlock Holmes has regularly been part of the San Diego Comic-Con but this year, with two of his biggest projects due, is the first time Benedict Cumberbatch made an appearance at the Sherlock Holmes panel.

Sherlock Holmes will be back with Season 4 in 2017.

[Image via BBC Sherlock Holmes official Twitter page]