Owasso, Oklahoma Police Search For Missing Teen

Police in Owasso, Oklahoma ask for cooperation and any information to aid their search for a teen who went missing four days ago.

Sadye Chambless disappeared sometime between Wednesday night, when she went to bed, and Thursday morning, when her mother called her down for breakfast. The last place her family saw the teen was at her home at Windsor Lake in Owasso.

Her mother, Paula Moorman, asked friends and neighbors all morning if anyone had seen or heard from Sadye, and when the teen had not returned home by Thursday afternoon, a relative contacted the Owasso police.

Sadye’s mom works closely with officials, doing everything possible to find her daughter. The authorities have yet to issue an official Amber alert, and Owasso police issued a statement explaining why via Facebook.

“Due to a lack of evidence or information at this time police are unable to determine if this is a runaway or otherwise missing person incident.”

Lieutenant Nick Boatman commented further on the situation.

“Unfortunately in this particular case it is a missing girl incident and there are some concerning factors with no property or items taken from the home. We want to get this young lady found as quickly as possible, because we are concerned about it, but at the same time we have no physical evidence that point towards an abduction so unfortunately it makes an amber alert impossisble at this time.”

According to KTUL News, the mother of the missing teen, Paula Moorman, says she is doing everything she can with police to find her daughter and bring her home. She remembers realizing that Sadye was gone.

“‘I hollered at her from downstairs, and she didn’t say anything,’ said Moorman.

When Moorman, went upstairs, she found Sadye’s room empty with one window open.
‘So I immediately called the Owasso Police Department,’ said Moorman.”

KJRH News reports that the missing teen’s cousin Lauren is in shock that the teen went missing right before she turned 16-years-old. Lauren lives miles away, in Georgia, but she too is doing her part to get the word out about her missing cousin. She hopes that someone will come forward with any information that could help Sadye’s family find her.

“I just want to do anything to bring her home safely.”

Although abduction seems unlikely at this stage in the investigation, her mother doesn’t believe that her teen daughter just ran away without taking any of her personal belongings.

“She didn’t take any money. No clothes. And she always wears makeup, and her makeup bag was still upstairs.”

Moorman said that nothing will be right in her world again until her daughter is back at home, safe and sound.

“I haven’t heard her voice. And today is her birthday. She wanted cheesecake. I was supposed to make her fried chicken. Now I’m not going to be able to do that. I just want to find out if she’s ok.”

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Moorman is heartbroken that her daughter is still missing on her birthday. She says the teen should be at home celebrating her birthday with her family and friends, and hopes that she is somewhere safe and not in danger. She prays she will return safely before her birthday ends.

“Just want to tell [my daughter] happy birthday.”

Authorities still have no leads on the whereabouts of the missing teen. They ask for anyone with any tips or information to immediately call the Owasso Police Department at (918) 272-2244.

[Photo by photosbyjim/Thinkstock]