Bruce Strachan, Yamika Tarchic Murphy: Florida Triple Fatal Shooting Revenge For Wife Loving Another On ‘Fatal Attraction’ On TV One

Bruce Strachan, the man who killed his wife, Yamika Tarchic Murphy, and two of her friends in a Florida shootout seven years ago, is the latest murder case to air on TV One’s crime series Fatal Attraction.

On Monday night’s new episode, titled “Watcher in the Night,” several friends are enjoying a summer night in Lake Worth, Florida, before gunshots ring out, striking and killing several people in the crowd, which ultimately leads to a brokenhearted ex with revenge on his mind. To tell the story, producers for Fatal Attraction will use crime experts, police officers, and relatives or friends.

August Shootout — A Promise Of Revenge

In August 2009, Bruce Strachan shot and killed his 29-year-old wife, Yamika Murphy, and her two friends, Debbie Sears, 23, and Ronald Wright, 23. Investigators say that Bruce Strachan made good on his promise to come back and kill Yamika Murphy for breaking it off with him and beginning a relationship with a new man named Jacoby Hatten. On the night of the killings, Bruce Strachan meant to kill Jacoby Hatten, too, but Hatten and several others were unharmed.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Ronald Wright and Debbie Sears were standing outside in the 1400 block of South D. Street in Lake Worth, at about 4 a.m., when a gunman began firing, leaving Sears and Wright dead. Then, he pursued Yamika Murphy on foot and shot and killed her before she could get away.

Broken-Hearted Killer Had Disturbing Upbringing

Police say that it was a brutal ending to a very tumultuous relationship. When Bruce Strachan loved, he loved hard, and it was no different with Yakima with whom he wanted to establish a solid family, according to Sun Sentinel.

Not long before the August 2009 ambush, police received a frantic call, indicating that Strachan had bombarded his way into Yamika Murphy’s home, where he brandished a gun. No one was killed in that incident, My Palm Beach Post states.

“Strachan forced his way into the apartment he used to share with her and held both sisters and their friend Sparkle Lucas at gunpoint. The deputy said he found the women scared and hysterical after the confrontation, still in fear of the man who had confiscated their cellphones while promising to come back ‘like a thief in the night’ to kill them all. Strachan before the murders had taken to stalking Murphy routinely, lurking around and often showing up unannounced at the Lake Worth home where Ramsey said he had planned to start a dog-breeding business to support him and Murphy.”

Bruce Strachan’s problems started long before he met Yamika Murphy. As a juvenile, Strachan’s life down spiraled, as he did stints in and out of jail and battled emotional problems. Those who know Bruce Strachan say that he has had a hard time in life, stemming from his upbringing by parents who suffered from drug and alcohol addictions. He also witnessed domestic abuse in the home and was encouraged to steal for the family.

No doubt, Yamika Murphy was unaware of how serious Bruce Strachan’s problems were, but at some point in the relationship, she decided that she didn’t want to be with him any longer.

Bruce Strachan in a Florida prison. [Image via Florida Dept. of Corrections.]

No Remorse Equals Life In Prison

Even after following through on his plan to kill his wife, it didn’t seem that Bruce Strachan had any ounce of remorse. In fact, it was stated that he wished he had killed even more people that night.

Bruce Strachan barely escaped the death penalty and was sentenced to life in prison. His mother, Vernell Strachan, who had neglected him when he was a child was now deeply hurt by her son’s problems and any role that she may have had in shaping who he was, according to My Palm Beach Post.

You will want to watch this week’s Fatal Attraction on Monday, July 25 at 9/8 p.m. Central. On last week’s episode, Fatal Attraction recounted the case of David Lokeith Worley.

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