WWE News: The New Day Just Made WWE Record-Breaking History

WWE tag team champions The New Day (composed of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E) debuted two years ago, and since then, audiences have gone from chanting “New Day sucks,” to booming chants of “New Day rocks.” Often, the trio is the highlight of WWE Raw or they steal the show at a pay-per-view. Their infectious charisma, hilarious promos, and in-ring skills have led to this team skyrocketing to the top of the WWE roster. Initially, however, it wasn’t a smooth beginning for The New Day.

Tag team champoins WWE The New Day has made WWE tag team history
The early days of The New Day [Photo via WWE]

In August 2015, The New Day were guests on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk Is Jericho, and the team gave insight to their formation. Xavier Woods approached Big E, and the pair started making their own promo videos to start pitching to WWE decision makers. They realized something was missing, and they approached veteran Kofi Kingston to join them. They teamed up for about two weeks, but then they were taken off from WWE programming as a team.

Kofi Kingston explained to Jericho how relentless they were.

“It got taken off and we basically had to reevaluate and come up with something different. We were told that we needed to go in like a positive, uplifting type direction and we would be going into Vince’s office pretty much every week for, god, probably like months. It’s funny because like when Vince did that podcast about like all the milennials and everyone was getting up in arms and people not grabbing the brass ring, he wasn’t talking to us because we were definitely in there like every single week for like three months trying to get this thing off the ground…. So, yeah, man, it was crazy because we kept going in there and it was kind of frustrating because we weren’t getting results. We had several different incarnations of this idea, to the point where we taped our own, like, video basically, a little vignette that we showed Vince and everything.

“We showed Vince and he kind of chuckled and then it didn’t happen. So we kind of got frustrated too and we didn’t go in to his office for a little while and then he called us back in a few weeks later and he was like ‘you know, guys, it’s taken me a long time to come up with this but I think I’ve got it. I want you guys to be preachers.'”

The New Day would transition through the last two years from preacher-like characters to becoming the boisterous video game and unicorn-loving group that they are today. They have adapted more of their true personalities in their characters, and the WWE universe absolutely adores The New Day. They have brought back “The Freebird Rule” to professional wrestling and created Booty-O’s cereal (which is a real thing now). Xavier Woods even hosts a popular video game show (UpUpDownDown) on YouTube. But more than just a success with the fans, they have been deservingly pushed as successes in the ring. On August 5, 2015, at SummerSlam, The New Day won the WWE Tag Team Championship for the second time; this time, however, the title run would make WWE history.

WWE.com announced on July 23 that The New Day has officially become the longest-reigning WWE tag team champions of all time with their current reign lasting 334-plus days.

WWE The New Day made WWE tag team history and their reign started at SummerSlam 2015
The New Day victorious at 'SummerSlam' [Photo via WWE]

Previously, Brian Kendrick and Paul London held that record with a title run of 333 days. The record has also been held by The Miz and John Morrison, Team Hell No, and The Shield. The New Day has helped to revitalize the tag team division of the WWE, brought back laugh-out-loud humor in wrestling promos, brought unique ideas to their characters that have never been done before, and made the history books of the WWE. Perhaps the longest reigning WWE tag team champions say it best every week.

“It’s a new day, yes it is!”

[Image via WWE]