[UPDATE] Bomb Attack Claims At Least One Victim At German Restaurant In Ansbach: Attack Is Suspected At Wine Bar [Breaking News]

As if Germany wasn’t already on high alert, another bomb attack is suspected after an explosion took place at a restaurant in Ansbach, Germany claiming at least one victim and injuring more than 10 people. The wine bar, Eugen’s Weinstube, was attacked at 10:30 p.m. local time, Express reports.

The mayor of Ansbach, Carda Seidel, has made the statement that the explosion appeared to be caused by an explosive device.

A music festival was going on nearby where the blast occurred. An unconfirmed report states that a man with a backpack was denied to enter the music festival shortly before the explosion at the wine bar.

The victims are currently being rescued and a helicopter is hovering over the area. Nothing has been confirmed yet, according to Michael Konrad, a police spokesman.

“The only thing I know is that there has been an explosion, I can not confirm anything else.”

Initial reports claimed it to be a possible gas explosion, but after a course of investigations, it appears as though it was a deliberate act.

Joachim Herrmann, a Bavarian Interior Minister, announced that the attacker has been denied asylum.

Attacker in Ansbach was denied asylum [Photo by Matthias Schrader/AP Images]The music festival has been canceled as a result of the explosion.

Not too long before this terrifying attack, a Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman with a machete and injured two others in Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Germany. This man appeared to be acting alone, and motives are still unclear.

The Inquisitr recently reported an attack in Munich, Germany where a man shot and killed nine and injured 16 others on July 22. The shooting took place in a busy shopping district.

People mourn after shooting in Munich, Germany took many lives [Photo by Jens Meyer/AP Images]After an investigation, including video surveillance review and witness statements, it was revealed that there was only one gunman. The gunman was found on a side street dead from suicide shortly after the incident.

The attacker was 18 years old and had been a resident of Munich for two years. No responsibility has been claimed by any group and it appears that he worked alone. It was sadly reported that many of the casualties were children.

Not even a week ago, an Afghan refugee attacked a train with an ax, injuring 20 people. The man had a home-made ISIS flag with him in the train during the attack.

The attacker did run away into a district of Würzburg, where he was eventually located and killed by the police.

The story on this most recent attack in Ansbach is still developing and more will be reported as information becomes available.


According to WSJ, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann confirmed that the bomber responsible for the attack in Ansbach, Germany that injured 15 people had pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

While looking through the 27-year-old Syrian refugee’s phone, a video of the bomber threatening an attack against the German’s was found. He spoke in the Arabic language and threatened the attack “in the name of Allah.”

“According to this video, it is beyond doubt that this attack was a terrorist attack with a perpetrator who had Islamist convictions.”

Further, Herrmann revealed that the bomber’s apartment was full of bomb-making material, such as fuel, alcohol-based cleaner, hydrochloric acid, wires, pebbles, and soldering irons.

The federal prosecutor’s office has taken over the investigation and are working to find out if the bomber had any accomplices.

Mr. Herrmann also reported that the man did try to enter the music festival, but was unable to get in. The bomb occurred shortly after he was denied entry.

The bomber had a previous drug misdemeanor and was treated twice after attempting to take his own life. He was ordered to be deported back to Syria, but his psychological troubles halted his deportation.

[Image via Inquisitr]