‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Order Of Rose Ceremony Eliminations After Episode 9 Of JoJo Fletcher’s Season

The end of the road is coming up quickly for JoJo Fletcher on the 2016 season of The Bachelorette and she will soon make her final choice known. Yes, the whole season has already been taped, and the results are known due to spoilers, but it’s always best to keep up with what is happening. Here is the full schedule of rose ceremony eliminations throughout the rest of this season, so you can keep up with who goes home when.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelorette in the summer of 2016. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

She may be all smiles right now, but she wasn’t after last week’s episode where the four hometown dates left the leading lady even more confused as to what to do. At the end of the night, ABC did some clever editing to shake up the spoiler websites and didn’t have JoJo eliminate anyone, leaving the fans anxious with a cliffhanger.

Since that took place, there are still technically four men remaining even though the first rose ceremony elimination will happen at the beginning of Monday’s episode. From there, it’s on to the Fantasy Suite overnight dates and then one more rose ceremony after all the turmoil in Thailand is over.

Episode 9 – July 25: The Fantasy Suite Dates

Before the overnight dates, one guy still has to be sent packing and it’s known by now that it will be Luke Pell as Reality Steve reported some time ago. Even though the two seemed very close on their date in Texas, someone has to go, and it’s going to be him.

Luke may head on to bigger and better things (the next Bachelor maybe), but one more guy has to leave this week. ABC can’t leave another guy hanging on any longer, and after the chaos that ensues in the Fantasy Suite, it doesn’t seem like they would want to anyway.

Things go very strange on Monday night, and it leads to the second rose ceremony elimination which sends Chase McNary home.

Down To Two Men

Episode 10 — July 26: The “Men Tell All” Special

On Tuesday night, a majority of the guys will come back together for the MTA special and as People so eloquently put it – “There will be Chad.” Believe it or not, but he hasn’t really changed since being booted in episode four of this season, and he’s still trying to get other men to fight him.

More than 20 men were in attendance for the taping of the “Men Tell All” special, and four of them landed in the hot seat to speak with Chris Harrison. Those four are Chad, Wells Adams, Luke Pell, and Chase McNary, who will speak on his blow-up in the Fantasy Suite.

Down To Still Two Men

Episode 11 – August 1: The Season Finale

As it comes down to the very last episode of this season of The Bachelorette, JoJo will have to choose between Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. She obviously has strong feelings for both and as Inquisitr reported, she even supposedly demanded two marriage proposals so she could make her choice based off of all the facts.

Once all is said and done and the majority of the men have been sent home, the leading lady must make her final choice. The final elimination doesn’t include a rose of any kind, but she does get rid of Robby and ends up getting engaged to Jordan Rodgers.

If the couple ends up staying together is something that will be determined with time, but for now, they are still an item.

The Bachelorette results are already known, but it’s hard to figure out what could happen once the season finale is over. The “After the Final Rose” special has brought some shocking moments in the past and it’s quite possible that it could happen again with JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. Roses are still left to give out and the ceremony eliminations will send three more men home, but will there be any other shocking happenings?

[Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images]